Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Funk

As you may have noticed, I have not posted in awhile. I yelled at my friend Natalie for not posting on her blog for eleven days, then I did the same. If I don't post on my blog it is because I am in some kind of a funk. The kind where I retreat from the outside world for awhile. The kind where I eat lunch in my classroom every day just for the silence. I am coming out of my funk because today I ate in the lounge again. My big day back in the lounge and what did I do? I about burned the school down with my popcorn. Let's just say I created a lot of unnecessary smoke and stink in the front office, which led everyone to say, "Who burned their popcorn?" that I am out of my funk for the time being, I want to put in a few posts about my Fall Break with the girls. It was just us girls at home all day on Thursday. I decided to triple some recipes and make dinners for our friends who just brought babies home. It was another kitchen adventure for the Terry girls! Early Friday morning we left for the windy city. I am going to do separate posts with pictures to retell the tale of our trip to Chicago. Stay tuned!