Thursday, November 20, 2008

Music Cleanses the Soul

Can you tell who is in the holiday spirit?

Today I stayed home with sick little Piper and non-sick Avery. Once again, Avery refused to go to daycare because "sisters stick together" in her exact words. I burned a holiday candle and created my new holiday Playlist featured on this blog! I started listening to Christmas music a few weeks ago....I just can't wait until after Thanksgiving anymore. If you like my holiday Playlist, just click "Pop out Player" and you can have it on your computer. I still need to post pics from our Chicago trip and our Election Night party. Posting pics take so long that I just haven't taken the time yet. Plus I can't stop thinking about Christmas!!! We just got our Christmas pictures back today. Kim Berry, our usual photographer, did a great job capturing how Avery flirts with the camera and how much Piper ADORES her big sister. If you want to see the new pics, go to then click on Clients. The password is terry. Family members....I will probably order pics for you as part of your Christmas gifts, so hold off on ordering! Let me know your favorites if you have any. Besides the nice day at home (except Piper being so sick I had to hold her all day), I also received the gift of Starbucks not once, but TWICE in one day! I felt so loved. Kayleigh dropped by with a peppermint mocha frapp to drink while we did some wedding planning online for her, then Matthew came home with a peppermint mocha a few hours later! I don't think that has ever happened twice in one day! Guess how much school work I accomplished today....NONE. I intended to grade, but didn't. Despite my lack of grading, I have to say I am quite happy with my class right now. We are doing some neat things in class and I am loving my kids for once. I am teaching the art of Native American storytelling- Michael stop laughing! I think the holidays lift my spirits in every way! Last weekend I went to Phoenix for an awesome weekend with mom. We saw flamenco dancers, she got me a manicure, and we walked around the mall aimlessly, and that is about it! It was great! A true Mom-cation! The weather was amazing....a November paradise. It was an early Christmas present for sure! Now if I can just get little Piper to lose this fever! This weekend we will have Terry Thanksgiving and I hope to start Christmas decorating any day now. Not sure why I am in such a good mood with the world lately, but I hope it lasts for awhile! I didn't even mind when I left my purse at the dentist's office last night and couldn't get it back until today. I didn't even mind when the receptionist said that my purse was out in the open around the cleaning crew all night and that it could have been tampered with. I just feel peaceful this week. It all comes down to the Christmas music. Really.


The Merchant's said...

Nice Turkeys ! I love them, but I love Thanksgiving ! The pics are great, remind me and I can show you my favs on Saturday. I marked them. Sounds like you had a good day, even with Miss Piper. Could she be getting I-teeth ?