Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!

April 28th was our 8th wedding anniversary! We spent last Saturday in Broad Ripple (thanks to Kayleigh for babysitting!). A few weeks before, I had the idea that I really wanted to paint pottery at Kiln Creations. I thought it would take some convincing to get my hubby to do it, but I was very wrong! He thought it was a great idea and totally got into it...see photo above! We spent a crazy long time in the studio painting...had to get everything just right, of course. I painted a masterpiece of a plate (see top picture) and my husband painted a lovely UK coffee mug. He also painted an awesome surprise gift for Daniel's bday next week...can't tell! After we were done with our masterpieces, we walked through some shops. We eventually made our way to our fav Italian restaurant, Mama Carolla's, where we had calimari and split the manicotti. For the first time EVER there was no wait and we got to sit in a totally private tiny room with twinkle lights. It was wonderful....although the restaurant was blazing hot. After Mama Carolla's we went to another favorite place....Barnes and Noble, before returning home. Michael and Kayleigh had a big adventure with the girls while we were gone. They took them to Texas Roadhouse. Michael managed to spill an entire Coke all over Piper, so she got to ride home in just her diaper, which of course SHE LOVED. We came home in time to put little sis down for bed, then eat ice cream on the porch swing on the deck with Avery. So nice!
Eight years is a long time. We have actually been together half of our lives! There is no one in this world I would rather sit on the porch swing with. My husband is my everything. The very few who are lucky enough to know the real him know what a special person he really is. Truly unique and kind and wonderful in every way! So Happy Anniversary to us! Cheers!