Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

Yes, it's beginning to look like Christmas at our house. Christmas decorating is all about nostalgia to me. I don't care about decorating with one certain theme or color scheme. I put out things that bring us joy. Below is our Christmas tree. It was a wedding gift from my mom and stepdad. It is a 9 ft, pre-lit beauty. You would never know that it is now being held up with duct tape and wire behind those branches! An old fashioned St. Nicholas sits at the top of the tree.We use white lights on our tree.
I adore childrens' books. It isn't because I have been an elementary teacher for eight is just because they truly bring me joy. This year, I displayed some of our favorites in the archway that looks into our family room.

The past two years I have been collecting some brightly colored Christmas pillows. I like whimsical looking decorations like these pillows. The garland on top of the couch was Avery's idea. Not my favorite, but I humored her holiday spirit.

I switched out our candles on the mantel to some sparkly, funky Christmas candles.
Here is the mantle. This is where we hang our four stockings and the cat's stocking (which I could do without). Our advent house sits on the fireplace and Avery checks a door each morning for a treat.

Last month I found some sparkly snowflake decorations at Jo-Ann's and some funky block letters at Target. I turned them all into a wall display over the mantle.

Going up the stairs are the stockings that are for each person who spends Christmas morning at my house every year. It's a full house! I know some people get fancy stockings. I still get the very cheap basic stockings that we had as kids. I even write each person's name on the stocking with glue and glitter.

My in-laws started giving me Lenox snowmen each year since 2001, which is the year we got married. Instead of hanging them on the tree, I decided to line them up in my kitchen window. I love the vintage look of these snowmen. They just look happy. On each side of the Lenox snowmen are my Party Lite snow globes that I bought years ago.

Here is a broad shot of the kitchen window and sink area.

I love my snow globes. A tealight sits in top. They are battery operated, so that snow circulates all the time when they are turned on.

This is a broad shot of our kitchen table. I found a really bright and fun tablecloth at Target last week. Some people may think my style is a little wild...I just like things to be eclectic and whimsical. Decorating your home should be about pleasing yourself!

One of my favorite things in my kitchen is the chalkboard that is on an upcycled vintage window frame that I bought off Etsy. I put some white lights around the window to make it more festive.
We have a bunch of chile pepper lights hanging from the door that leads to our pantry. That is just a personal touch. We named our daughter after Avery Island, Lousiana, where Tabasco sauce is made. We have a cat named Tabasco. We like it spicy!

Over on Farm Chicks, Serena put up a post about a pantry makeover that she did with paper on the shelves. I copied this idea on the shelves and cabinets in my kitchen using some retro wrapping paper. I loved the outcome. I am still working on the display on the shelves though.

Another view....

I bought these adorable, retro salt and pepper shakers at Target last week along with the white tree. I wish I had a full size white tree, so this is my stand-in for now.

In my husband's box of childhood Christmas decorations, I found this vintage ceramic train. I am in love with it! I displayed it on the shelf because it fit right into my retro vibe.

This is Xavier, our snowman. He lounges around the house all the time. If you don't have a lifesize snowman in your house, you should get one. They are generally quiet, very friendly, and surprisingly cuddly.
I love this season so much. My mom arrives in one week to stay with us for the holidays. She never really decorates in Arizona because her Christmases are always here with us. I hope this gives her a preview of the festivities to come! If you click on the pictures, you should be able to see details more clearly. Happy Holidays!!!


Beth Terry Merchant said...

Mom has some cool retro glass ornaments that were G & G Terry's that would look great on your kitchen shelves...if she ever gets the tree out....

I LOVE the edging on the shelves !