Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This is my cousin, Alexis. I have known her since she was born, but I haven't really KNOWN her. Various things have been keeping us apart thus far in life, including growing up and not hanging out, geography, and the lack of proper technology being invented to stay in touch. (Yes, I know what you are thinking. Phones have always been around. However, I am rather phobic about talking on the phone with people and I tend to avoid it.) Then in 2004 guess what happened??? FACEBOOK WAS INVENTED. That's huge for people who don't like the phone so much. I didn't join Facebook until the fall of 2008.....sounds about right. I am usually about four years behind on cutting edge technology. Here is what I knew about Alexis before Facebook. Her name is Alexis. She is a bit younger than me. She is my Aunt Lori's oldest daughter. She is the oldest of five girls! She is engaged to a guy named Joey D. They live in the Boston area with their four kids. But thanks to the glory of Facebook, I now know so much more! She is a quirky soul like myself. She has an eccentric brain, like my own. I had no idea that there was someone else in the world, other than Matthew, who would truly "get" my quirkiness. She does! It must be part of our gene pool.

Here she is with her Joey D. I think today is his birthday, actually.

Alexis likes to call me a fogey because I kind of am a fogey sometimes. She is probably much cooler than me in reality, but I can pretend. Right? I am so grateful for her. We can vent to each other about motherhood, relationships, McDonalds....you name it. She actually reads my blog....which is HUGE in my book. Some people that I actually see on a weekly basis don't bother to take the time. And, hello???? My blog is my passion, so why wouldn't my close friends read it?
Alexis started a blog in the last few days. She was inspired by little old me. If you like my quirky posts, I can promise you will LOVE her blog. She even uses proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This is another HUGE plus in my book. Please check out her blog today. You won't believe the story of her spaghetti bomb.
I wish I had a picture of me with Alexis, but I don't. I plan to see her at the end of June at her mom's house in Colorado for "Aunt Rusty's Wild West Hoe Down." It will be a reunion for my mom, her sister, and their daughters. I have already threatened that I will NOT attend unless Alexis goes too. I hope to get lots and lots of pictures of the crazy women in my family at that time.
Anyway, I would like to introduce you to her new blog. Golly Gee Damn!
I want you to read it and enjoy it. I also want you to promise that you won't think she is cooler than me and abandon me entirely.
Do you have a notable blog to introduce to the blogosphere? Let us know in the comments section. The only rules are that the blogs have to actually be entertaining and have correct spelling. Is that too much to ask?


Lex said...

AwesomeI Im blushing. And for the record, I do have pics of you and me together. But are you sure you would want them posted in a public forum? Think... Easter 1985 ;-)

Thank you for the wonderful review. I feel so special. I dont think anyone, other than Joe, has ever devoted a blog post to me. But you totally stole my idea. I was going to write one about you. Now I have to come up with my own idea. BLEH! But thats ok, Im up for a challenege!

Lindsay said...

You still have to write about me. You are not off the hook. I would have to preview any and all pictures that are from Easter of 1985. Actually, 1985 might be okay. I think I may have still been cute then. If you would have said Easter 1989-1993, I may have been more scared.

Lex said...

You were wicked cute then! You were adorable fron 89-93... you had massive hair! It was cute!

Lindsay said...

NOoooo. The massive hair is NOT cute. Now I want to see this picture. PUt it up. I dare you. Tag me.

J & K's Mommy said...

I will not promise correct spelling 100% of the time, but you can follow my new blog chicagomarathonorbust!!!
love ya!

Nobody Puts Mama In A Corner! said...

Such a cute post!!! Love it! Found you at Mommy Blogs and I am sending a vote your way my dear!!! Coming back to hear more adventures!!
Have a great one!
Mama Holli