Friday, February 19, 2010

The Power of Words

Usually as a blogger, I have no idea who is reading my blog. Unless you are listed as a "follower" or make some comments, I have no idea if you are reading my blog or not. I just sit here in my happy little universe and type away. I can promise you I write from the heart and always speak the truth.

I didn't realize the power of my words until after my posting from Feb. 16. All I can say is that I am humbled and inspired by the amount of feedback that I have been receiving. Several people have emailed me or contacted me on Facebook about their experiences with depression, death of a loved one, or their frustrations with their jobs. I hope that my words are encouraging and that you will believe that you, too, will be okay. Getting feedback like this, as a writer, is the best gift you could ever give me. Thank you for trusting me with your own stories and your friendship.

Only you have the power to change your life. If you know you are sad, please take steps toward talking to someone about it. If you are watching someone close to you die, please learn from it. If you are drowning in your job, please remember that your job should not define you.

In my former job, I was putting all of my energies into twenty kids that would leave me at the end of May, while I was neglecting the two kids that will never leave me. I just couldn't stand the thought of doing it any longer. Whether you are a teacher, business person, or just working at McDonalds, be sure that you are listening to your inner voice. I ignored mine for a long, long time and suffered dearly for it. Learn to tap into your intuition.

In her book, Marta Beck says, "Explorers depend on the North Star when there are no other landmarks in sight. The same relationship exists between you and your right life, the ultimate realization of your potential for happiness. I believe that a knowledge of that perfect life sits inside you just as the North Star sits in its unaltering spot."

I hope that you all can find your North Stars. I hope that I can continue to make you cry, make you laugh, and make you think. For helping others is my North Star and writing on this blog may just be the way I get there.

Don't be afraid to make comments or become a follower. I love to hear from readers!


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Hi Lindsay, I just saw your comment on my blog so I sent you a message via Facebook since the emails from me aren't going through.