Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Hams

My oldest daughter LOVES the camera. She loves posing and flashing different smiles. Let's just say she is on the dramatic side.

My youngest daughter loves to avoid the camera. She much prefers running around and doing things her own way.

My friend, Stephanie, who I have talked about on my blog before wanted to try her hand at some vintage inspired pictures with my girls. I put together some outfits and Stephanie made some lovely feather headpieces and brought some feather boas. Avery would not stop hogging the camera. She told Stephanie that she wanted to do the Statue of Liberty pose......can you imagine what that would look like? the Statue of Liberty...standing tall with one arm raised above her head. Avery also told Stephanie that she could lick her own armpits, then showed her. In the meantime, while Avery was having the photo session of a lifetime, my Piper was running around with her wild hair and being crazy. It was an exhausting and sweaty experience.

But look at some of the results!!! I love this picture of both girls. Avery has her signature pose with her head cocked to one side while Piper is staring straight on, as if to say, "Why are we doing this?"
My absolute favorite shot of Piper is this one below on the left. This captures Piper's personality as a two year old. Wild hair, beads askew, serious face. When she is all grown, I want us all to remember that this picture represents her true personality at that time in her life, rather than some contrived, posed photo. This is the real Piper. Of course, there is Avery too....big sister, control freak, always smiling perfectly. *Sigh* I love my girls.

Stephanie put up a long post today about this photo session with many more photos. Check it out! Here is the link to her blog. To read more details about the true story behind this day, check out my previous post: Feathers, Pearls, and two Stinkers.
In the meantime, I am going to continue to ponder what on Earth I am going to do with these two girls?


Mom said...

We had so much fun that day. I can lick my armpit too! Must be an inherited trait. (I tried it for Avery) A real party pleaser! My big girls and little girls are so amazing. Stephanie is one of the best photographers ever. She just "gets it" when it comes to our family. Love to all.