Friday, May 28, 2010

Is it Friday?

This week is such a blur. I have been swamped with real estate related phone calls, emails, and outings. That is a very good thing. It is funny how my idea of "being swamped" has changed in a year. I can assure you it is NOTHING like how I felt this time last year, as I was packing up my classroom (maybe forever), getting report cards ready, filling out student records, etc, etc, etc. This week even though I have a new kind of busy, I am grateful for all the peaceful moments where I can just sit and breathe or read to my girls.

Last night, one of my more loyal blog readers complained that I haven't written enough lately. She is so right! I am dreadfully behind on reading all my favorite blogs and on posting on my own. I have been bogged down with thoughts of how on Earth I am going to tackle my beastly house and beastly yard that has been overtaken by weeds. It is hard to write about the positive when I have a worrisome to-do list looming!

I am still on my weight loss journey to fit into my nemesis....the orange bridesmaid Aug. 14. I have lost almost nine pounds this month. Ironically, while I try desperately to lose weight, ALL I can think about is babies. I want a new baby so badly. The only thing stopping us is this whole wedding/wearing the bridesmaid dress thing. I can't wait to be pregnant. I can't wait to have a bigger family. Once we are past Aug. 14th, I can focus on that. Lately we have visions of having four kids eventually. We love the chaos and drama of our girls. We don't even care if we have a girl or a boy. Anything will do! I hope getting pregnant and staying pregnant will be an easy road. I will appreciate being pregnant and having a newborn so much more than Lindsay two years ago or Lindsay five years ago.

Despite the craziness of this week and being bombarded with baby thoughts, here are the lovely things that happened this week....

~Piper and Avery running around in the yard while my husband attacked them with the hose repeatedly while they were fully clothed.....oh, the screams of delight
~Piper and Avery picking out new bathing suits and running around in the yard wearing them. I miss those days of abandon before you have a messed up body image and before you fear being seen in your bathing suit!
~Piper saying, "Let me down." "I wanna walk" and "my bathing suit." Then (don't ask) she said, "More Gaga please." I love, love, love hearing my girl talk more!
~Avery's dance recital. I loved her tights, her tutu, and her little bun. I loved how she watched all the dancers next to her the whole time. I loved standing backstage and fixing her hair with the other moms.
~Sitting in our old brown chair three times a day and reading to the girls book after book after book. They can't get enough "reading time."
~Reading my new book that I will blog about soon because it is sure to be a life changer.
~Talking to my grandma on the phone about her American Idol picks

Oh my....I know there was more things in the last week, but I can't list everything. I just can't believe it is Friday! I also can't believe that next week I will be registering my baby for kindergarten. But that is next week. I don't need to worry about that just yet.

I still need to blog about my sis-in-law's makeover, my hubby's 32nd birthday, the recital, and more! I promise I will write more this weekend.


Mom said...

I so dearly miss all the wonderful things you are enjoying right now. I miss my babies!