Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Five

Happy Thursday! There is only one hour left to my Thursday, but that's okay! I like to read Keely's posts at MannLand5 and decided to play along this time. Here is what you are supposed to do....

Post 5 things that have made you...

over the last week, then go back to MannLand5 and link up...

So here are my five things!

1. We had the best trip EVER to the zoo on Sunday.....just my little family of four. It was cool and raining, which means we practically had the entire zoo to ourselves. It poured rain for the last hour, but we didn't care. I love being the type of parents who don't care about being out in the rain and splashing around. We had a blast all together!

2. Avery and I started having a "Marker Date" everyday at naptime. We gather up all of our Crayola markers and some paper and usually sit outside to create some marvelous marker art. I had not created any art in a long, long time. I was inspired to draw mermaids...who knew? I may post some of our artwork soon.

3. I lost 6.4 lbs at Weight Watchers after Week 1! Yippeeee!!!

4. I had an unbelievable day today with my girlies. I felt like I should pinch myself several times. The girls picked out fun outfits and actually requested hairdos (rare occurence...they prefer letting their hair be wild and free) before we went out for the day. We drove with the windows down and Radio Disney turned up. We laughed and sang. We walked around my favorite mall just for kicks. We had lunch on a sidewalk where we saw a poodle and heard a man speaking French!!! Lovely, lovely!

5. My Mama arrives in about two hours. She is visiting from Scottsdale, AZ for the weekend. This weekend we will be celebrating Mother's Day, my youngest brother's birthday, and my future sis-in-law's graduation from Indiana University School of Nursing! We have some important things on our agenda: Cheesecake Factory, hair salon, my grandparents house, and graduation!

Sorry, I am so much wordier than Keely! I can't help it. Despite a tearful, stressed Monday, the week pulled through and turned out to be amazing! This time last year was so far from amazing it isn't even funny. That's just proof you have to live each day to the fullest and live YOUR best life! Have a fabulous weekend!!!