Saturday, October 16, 2010

Falling Behind

I am so behind on blog posts! As always my brain is full to the brim with stuff to say, but I have been so busy that by the time I can sit at a computer, I am falling asleep! I absolutely love the fact that when I don't blog for awhile, people "check" on me to see why I haven't blogged. I think people assume that if I haven't blogged it is because I am in a padded room somewhere having a nervous breakdown. I do feel loved though! I think about blogging every day, but lately the only things blog worthy that pop into my head are related to my job, which of course is the kind of job that requires full confidentiality! Even if I changed names or spoke generally about a story that happened at work, someone who reads this blog would know exactly what or who I am talking about and inevitably someone would take offense!

So today I woke up with another thought that I think of almost daily.....I want a new comforter!!!! There. My husband thinks my brain is polluted with too many thoughts and that I am "thinking" all the time. He is right! Some thoughts are the deep, dark, twisty kind. Some thoughts are day to day normal. Some thoughts are purely frivolous, like: I REALLY WANT A NEW COMFORTER. So maybe you guys can help me. The master bedroom in our house is always the most neglected room because hardly anyone sees it, so it is lower on the priority list. We worked really hard two weekends ago to clean/organize our room, and now it is so huge, stark, and white. It needs some flair! I have two ideas and both involve bold graphics.

Choice 1: This Dwell Studio comforter from Target. I am envisioning the orangey brown color from the design painted on the wall that our headboard is against, with the rest of the walls being a brown color. This would be a rich, cozy choice.

Choice 2: This duvet cover from West Elm. I am thinking maybe an eggplant colored paint on the wall that our headboard is against and a gray color on the other walls, or even a gray color on all the walls. My hubby really loved this choice (but he said he liked the other one too).

I feel equally inspired about both options. Of course, this is all just me daydreaming. Avery is growing like a weed and needs fall/winter clothes. I need fall/winter work clothes. Piper needs fall/winter clothes. In reality, our bedroom will probably be pushed aside again, so that we can try to buy the things we actually need. It is fun to plan though, even if you can't execute the plan!


Anonymous said...

I like option 2 the best, but one is nice too! I know what you mean about our dreams getting pushes off for kids clothes and shoes! I just need some new pillows...been after then for 6 months, but something always pulls the budget off; shoes, clothes, books, McDonald's LOL...
Hope your well!