Sunday, October 3, 2010

One More...

This is my new "happy" song. You know the kind. The kind that you blare in the car when you are driving by yourself. (Since there is no way I could listen to anything other than Radio Disney with my kids in the car). This song is "At or With Me" by the lovely Jack Johnson. Actually, I do not like all of his music. In fact it is kind of half and half for me. I really love this one though! If you want a good laugh, search for this song on You Tube and watch the video he made with Andy Samberg from SNL. I am not posting it here because there is some profanity and violence involved, and I know of one blog fan of mine who is a tween. :) (Hi Kendra). I love when people can make fun of themselves. It is an art that I have pretty much mastered. On the You Tube/SNL video, Andy Samberg is a tough guy making fun of Jack Johnson, who he calls, "Mellow Man." Jack Johnson plays along and it is so funny! Enjoy this happy tune!