Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkey Day Part 1

Yesterday we had our Thanksgiving with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and niece. We showed up to Grandma's house early, so the little girls could play all day. For at least two hours, my mother-in-law was doing all the work in the kitchen while my hubby was sitting on the couch reading Harry Potter, I was under a blanket on the recliner reading every single magazine I could find, and Beth was on her laptop designing a custom Christmas card for me. Luckily, the little girls played peacefully in Grandma's playroom. The house smelled amazing and the afternoon was very relaxing!

Piper ate tons of green beans....and nothing else. She had four helpings of green beans. She slurped each and every green bean down whole. At the time, it was pretty funny. It wasn't so funny several hours later when her Aunt Beth had to change her Pull-up! The details are too disturbing for the blog!

Of course, we stuffed ourselves silly! We tried to get Avery to tell us about the first Thanksgiving, which she learned about at school, but she had a minor freak-out because she couldn't remember the exact details of what her teacher told her class. Everything got better though when we turned the tables and started trying to annoy my husband (which is pretty easy and ALWAYS fun). There was a lot of laughter, and we just had a really nice day together. I am very thankful!

I am also really looking forward to Turkey Day Part 2, which will actually be on Thursday. We have decided to make just some of our favorite foods, not anything that you would typically find on Thanksgiving. I really want my husband to make BBQ pulled pork, because he makes the best! We may have some okra and cheesy hashbrown casserole too. The menu is not set in stone yet. I am really looking forward to just relaxing and hanging out with my two brothers, Michael and Daniel. As far as I know, they are our only guests! We plan on watching the parade, goofing around like normal, eating, then going to the theater to watch Tangled with the girls. It should be another fun day.

Then Friday is DECORATING DAY!!! Let the holidays begin!!!