Sunday, August 3, 2008

Terry Tunes

Many people do not realize how important music is to our family. I have never played an instrument in my life (except the sad period of time when I had to "play" the recorder for a college class.) Kelly Hoffman was my roomate at IU at the time, and luckily she didn't stop speaking to me after listening to the lovely sounds of my recorder! Matthew, on the other hand, is a musician! He used to be able to play just about any type of percussion. He was a master of the drums and the marimba. My grandparents are still talking about the time they saw him play the marimba at the ceremony when I got inducted into the National Honor Society. Since both of us have a passion for music, we have quite diverse music tastes. Our collection of over 300 CDs is very eclectic. We both want our daughters to share this passion with us, so we often play our CDs for them, instead of the typical kiddie CDs. Once when Avery was two, she came home from a car trip with dad and told me that they listened to RUSH. Grrrreaaaat. My two year old likes RUSH. Nothing like some prog rock for your toddler. Avery has grown to love the Beatles, which at least is a little bit more tame. Tonight, Beth showed me a fabulous new website called where you can download your own customized playlist for free. I put together forty songs and put them on the blog for your listening enjoyment under "Terry Tunes." Believe it or not, Matthew and I actually love a lot of the same stuff. We both absolutely love Van Morrison. Michael Buble is one of our favorites to see in concert. We like some obscure Professor Longhair! If you are bored and want to look at our "Terry Tunes" I would highly recommend "It's Alright" by Van Morrison. If you only have time to listen to one song, listen to that one. I can listen to it over and over because of the guitar! This is not a fave of Avery. She thinks it is boring. Oh well, she'll learn!


The Merchant's said...

The Blog looks great !

I can try and help you resize the Playlist. I would have to go into the HTML code and see if it can be resized. I could also try to move your footer to the top of the page and put it there (like a sub header). We can look at it next time I see you !