Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Facebook, Blogs, Evite, and Pioneers

Tomorrow I have to show the school staff my classroom blog in a mandatory meeting about the fact that everyone is required to be paperless for their classroom newsletters by January. This is ironic because I will also be dressed as a pioneer. It will be like a time warp. "Hi, I am a pioneer woman. Let's take a look at my blog."

After a whole lot of peer pressure, I decided to join Facebook. At first, I made a really funny, quirky bio, but then thought that it wouldn't be good for people reading it who haven't seen me in more than ten years. People I deal with on a daily basis wouldn't be surprised by my weirdness, but others may be! Then I thought it would be hugely satisfying to deny friend requests from formerly popular people at my high school. Was I brave enough to deny those "friend" requests.....of course not. So, in a short three days I have managed to relive high school.....peer pressure, editing your true self, and being "friends" with as many people as possible. Hmmmm....I love growing up. In all honesty, I truly love Facebook now that I am on. No, I won't be as weird as I am in real life. I will save that for those precious few that are around me more than just in cyberspace.

On to the next technological marvel. Evites. All of a sudden my family is sending each other "Evites" to the same six people about every holiday event we want to do in the next several weeks. There are now two Evites floating around with only my mom, Michael, Kayleigh, Daniel, Amber, and Matthew invited. These Evites are for events that of course we are REQUIRED to attend....like Christmas Eve for example. So much fun!

This week a student taught me that html was invented in 1990. Holy cow.....I vividly remember 1990 like it was yesterday. Life without html??? Impossible! It must have been just like the pioneer times.


The Merchant's said...

I see my brother finally caved & joined Facebook, too. Of anyone, I thought he would withstand the peer pressure ! Be glad you have people from high school "friending" you. It's neat to see what everyone is up to these days. Everyone I hung out with in high school must not like me very much, no one friends me :( Talk about high school all over again !!!!