Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Snow Joke

Yesterday a foot of snow dumped onto central Indiana. School was cancelled (a rare occurence) and children everywhere were out sledding, throwing snowballs, and building snowmen. Children everywhere....with the exception of my own. I would like to say that I have cute pictures of my girls rolling around in the snow to post, but I don't. Yes, I am one of those that deprive their children of snow frolicking and living up to the duties of good Indiana girls. Am I against playing in the snow? No, of course not. The only reason is that we lack the proper attire. Avery has fashion boots, not snow boots. We don't have waterproof clothes. I have yet to invest money in winter gear that may only get used twice in a whole year. I did indeed feel pangs of guilt when I thought of all the fun Avery would have had yesterday. However, I am speaking of the child who needs a change of clothes if even a drop of water gets on her sleeve. I am not so sure Avery would even enjoy it. She is a particular girl. If we let Avery play in the snow, then we would also need proper attire. I haven't owned snow boots since I was twelve. It is hard enough for us to wear gloves, hats, and scarves on a regular basis. My kids prefer removing their shoes and socks as soon as they get in the car, no matter what the temperature may be.

So here is how our snow day 2:00 Avery was crying. She was saying, "Mom and Dad, are you really going to stay in one room alllll daaaaaay? That's weeeeeeeird. No one stays in one room all day." Let me just defend myself by saying that we did leave the living room a few eat, go to the bathroom, and to put Piper down for a nap. Technically, we did NOT stay in one room all day. Poor Avery! She was really concerned about our lack of moving from room to room!

In other news, I am thinking of diversifying my blog....just like some people diversify their securities portfolios. I am thinking of keeping this particular blog with cutesy pics and kid stories (all about Punkin and Bean), in order to stay better connected to family. My other blog would be just my own rantings and ravings about whatever strikes my fancy. The truth is that some of my followers prefer to read the stuff about the girls, while others prefer the other stuff. If anyone on this planet knows of career opportunities in blogging, please let me know. It is my favorite hobby. Soon, I just may have two blogs as I continue on my life quest of pleasing everyone.