Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday, Mom!

Your three lovelies
Little Dan and Mom

Michael and Mom

I love this picture because of the way you are laughing.

Fifty years ago, on a naval base in San Diego, CA, you were born to a young sailor and his pretty wife. Since then, it has been quite a trip. You're a survivor, that's for sure. I wish you didn't have to be all alone today, and I really wish you weren't all the way across the country. If you are feeling down, just remember.....Vegas, baby! I can't wait for the ultimate "girls day out." Here are some recent photos. If I were a good daughter, I would have mailed you your picture CD by now. I promise I am mailing it this week. These pictures are your teasers. Please don't work all day on your birthday (even though I know you will). We love you! Tomorrow may be your actual birthday, but it isn't official until I am there to help you celebrate!


The Merchant's said...

Happy Birthday, Starla ! I am SOOO jealous of your big adventure with Lindsay in Vegas. What a wonderful way to celebrate-together !