Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pipe Cleaner Haircuts

Everyone who knows Avery knows that she is "the creative type." Which is why I was not surprised to find her giving pipe cleaners haircuts on Tuesday. Here is how a "pipe cleaner haircut" works. She takes pipe cleaners out of her craft box, then proceeds to snip off all the "fuzz" from the wire with her scissors. This appears to be a painstaking process that requires deep concentration. This is how Avery explained "pipe cleaner haircuts" to me. I have added some explanations in parenthesis.

"This pink guy (pipe cleaner) is going to a party (pawty in Avery talk). No one is allowed to have long hair at this party. I have to give him a quick haircut. But I have to be careful not to cut his bones (the wire)."

Avery is saying this as she is snipping away. Eventually, her entire belly was covered in pink fuzz until the task was complete and "the pink guy" was ready for the "pawty." She has been giving pipe cleaner haircuts since Tuesday. I know there are moms out there that would not allow their four year old to give pipe cleaners haircuts....but not me! Who am I to discourage creativity? Our friend Elisha, who owns her own salon, may have a future stylist coming her way. Someday we may say...."It all started with the pipe cleaners."