Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PGP: People, Goals, Procrasination

Today was the day I was going to write my PGP (Professional Growth Plan) for work. Yes, it is past the last day of school. Yes, I have resigned already. I have turned in the keys and said my goodbyes, but I just can't get through this ridiculous task that was due on May 15. "The man" said I could turn it in by June 15 since I was going through so much "stuff". If someone tells me June 15th, then by golly, I'll take until June 15th. Don't come to me and say, "I noticed you haven't turned in your PGP. Are you going to?" Today is not June 15th! However, today was supposed to be the day...until I got back on FB, looked through various decorating websites, drove to Carmel to have lunch with hubby, bought some Snickerdoodles for the father-in-law, etc, etc. I can't help wondering why I need to spend three hours writing my PGP when I already have left my job. What are they going to do if I don't turn it me? Too late...I beat them to it! The problem is that despite my procrastination, I am still a natural born over-achiever. I won't be able to allow myself to half-ass it (excuse the language). If this were college, I would start it at 11:59 p.m. on June 14th, work through the night, then turn it in to my professor the next morning...and still get an A. I may still resort to that. I just hate spending three hours on crap that will be stuck in a file and never looked at again. I raise my fists to the heavens and ask "WHY? WHY?" Sorry, but I had to vent. No one really cares about this...other than my husband who keeps telling me to work on it. None of this really shocks him though. While I'm venting...would it be possible for it not to rain on days that we have actual time to do yard work??? Every time we plan on doing yard work it rains. RIDICULOUS! On sunny and dry days, we aren't home and are too busy.

The bright points to the day were as follows....
1. Piper cried for me when I left her at the babysitter's. This never happens, so it gives me some comfort to know she really does know I exist. 2. I went to Starbucks and used my giftcard from a student. Free Starbucks=Happy Lindsay 3. I looked at decorating websites and LOVED every minute of it. 4. Despite the jeers of my brother, I downloaded both Taylor Swift and Mandy Moore. 5. I drove all the way to Carmel to eat at Qdoba. (Only because Chipotle was closed! This fact caused more shaking of fists to the sky). 6. The galvanized metal hooks that I bought arrived today. Now my aprons can hang in style.

Now for some random things I have learned today.
1. I am not the type of girl who befriends Starbucks workers. Not sure why. My mom is one of those people. People know her by name as soon as she walks in the door. The people at my local Starbucks probably think I am stuck-up (which I totally am NOT). 2. I only like country music in the summer. As soon as June 1st hits, I LOVE country music. As soon as September 1st hits, I despise it. 3. Facebook is evil. It distracts you from the task at hand. I also don't like looking at "friends" pictures of events that I was not invited to...because I'm that kind of girl to actually care. 4. Sometimes you just have to stop at Meijer (inside joke to a select few). 5. I miss my mom real bad. 6. I HATE PGPS. It is about as ridiculous as the TPS reports in "Office Space."

Thanks for listening. Gotta go....I have to write my PGP.


SarahSLP said...

I totally feel your pain about the looking at pics of your facebooks friends at events you weren't invited to.

Good luck on that PGP...but I'm thinking, is he REALLY going to remember you need to turn it in! lol!!

I love your are a very witty writer....I laugh out loud! Thanks!

The Merchant's said...

I don't know if my principal even reads mine, either! I know you don't want to half-ass it, but I wouldn't dwell on it that much. Express your need to grow in a different aspect of your life at this time and turn it in. I remember the email you sent me telling me about resigning. It was about your educating yourself in a different way (field). Sounded like a pretty good start to a PGP to me...go with it and say bye bye to Delaware Trail. That is until you get sucked back in via the PTA in 2010!