Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Boar Did Not Bore- State Fair 2009

In the 1945 movie, State Fair, actor Harry Ware says to actress Margy Frake, "Biggest boar in the world, I bet." She responds with, "All depends on how you spell it."

We also saw the biggest boar in the world, but we definitely were not bored when we recently attended the Indiana State Fair. This year we made some changes in our usual fair habits. We decided to go at night and we did not go with any family or friends....just our small clan of four. Both decisions proved to be good ones. We had a nice evening breeze without the harsh sun and we saw absolutely everything that we wanted to see. Where else other than the Indiana State Fair can you see pregnant teenagers smoking cigarettes, farmers in their sock feet taking naps on cots in the pig barn, and people eating bacon smothered in chocolate?

Besides some slightly disturbing sights, we had a fabulous time. Piper, our bean, basically hijacked Matthew's corn on the cob. That girl loves corn! We thought it was precious when she gorged herself on corn until two nights later when the corn reappeared (Daddy had that diaper duty- score!).

I learned that my husband is a horse whisperer. I have no idea what he whispered to that horse, but all I know is that five minutes later my lips started tingling and swelling and the sneezing started. I am allergic to horses, but I didn't have any reaction to the horses this year until AFTER my husband did his "horse whispering." Hmmmmm. Makes you wonder.

This year we decided to buy some tickets to Midway to allow Avery to ride some carnival rides for the first time. She was limited to three rides (because the tickets cost too darned much). She chose the huge ferris wheel (to ride with Mommy of course), the tall slide, and a dinosaur ride. Lots of people know that my husband is a roller coaster enthusiast, and now I think we have seen the first glimmer of that love of rides from Avery. She had absolutely no fear and loved every minute of it. My favorite moment was on the ferris wheel when she said, "I can see the whole world." Nothing beats the look on her face when we got to the top of the ferris wheel. I managed to capture the look on camera because her face was frozen in that expression for five minutes!

In the end, we went home full, happy, and tired.

Our night at the State Fair: $80

Our memories: Priceless