Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am so in love with four year olds

If my camera were not broken, I would be posting an adorable picture of Avery tonight at her first soccer practice. Just imagine two long braids, a pink tie dyed shirt, black soccer shorts, pink tie dyed soccer socks up to her knees- bulky from shin guards, and brand new black and pink cleats along with a shiny pink soccer ball. I was so proud of her as she bravely walked out on the field with kids she didn't know to play a game she hasn't learned. As I watched the mixed team of four year olds, my heart was bursting for all of them. I am head over heels in love with all four year olds. I can't help it. They are so full of life and love and drama! So big and so little at the same time. Avery beamed from ear to ear when another soccer mom and dad asked me what her name was. I told them her name was Avery. They said, "Oh, we thought maybe her name was Pinkalicious!" For those of you that don't know, Pinkalicious is Avery's absolute favorite book about a little girl who loves pink. Avery was so surprised that someone else in the world knew about HER book! I was amazed that Avery was doing something that I never could do...participate in a sport. I was the girl who hated P.E., was afraid of the ball, and really couldn't run. I don't want her to be that girl! There is the cutest little red haired boy on her team who is so full of it! The coach was teaching the kids that they are never allowed to use hands. The boy said, "What if you kick your ball into a tree?" Four year olds....always thinking of loopholes! I loved watching the little soccer players bouncing around the field. I overheard Avery tell her coach, "I am the sweatiest of all." The kids wanted "drink breaks" so many times! I just loved every minute of it! It is important to note that Piper was removed from the soccer field because she wanted to play with all the kids! After chasing after her twenty times, we mutually decided that she would have to hang out in the air conditioned car until practice was over....Daddy didn't object too much about retreating to the air conditioning. This posting seems very disorganized, but oh well. My other lovely four year old moments today included a discussion with Avery on whether or not Snow White lives in Avon, and whether or not people in Arizona have computers and "mouses." Avery thinks that Snow White does NOT live in Avon because Avon isn't creepy enough and she thinks that Arizonians do not have computers because they transmit messages through their cactuses. This is where my husband interjected, "cacti." Life with a four year old is exhausting, frustrating, precious, hilarious, embarrasing, and just about any other emotion you can imagine! I am looking forward to a full season of four year olds running around the soccer field and being their crazy little selves!