Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pot Pie: A Love Story

All good love stories begin with some preparation. Boy meets girl. Carrots meet celery. Whatever.
Some love stories can start out to be very labor intensive...

After awhile, love can make you feel all bubbly...and well, hot.

There comes a time in every love story where the main characters just need to get to know each other better....even if that means mixing things up.

Even if you try to cover the love up...

It will still bubble from underneath. Hot, steamy, and hopefully not too crusty.

Sweet Lordy, this was goooooood homeade pot pie. I would have taken pictures of us eating this masterpiece, but I was too busy stuffing my face. A special thanks goes to April, an old friend (clarification: not old in age, just a friend from years ago). She made this love story possible by sending me this recipe. I also have to give her credit for telling me to vent the pie crust by writing a word in it. I would never have thought of that cute detail on my own!

Do you want the recipe?
Make a comment about why pot pie rocks and I will send it to you!


Niki said...

I haven't had pot pie in YEARS!! I love the word as your "vent".....awesome idea :) Send the recipe when you get a chance....we are on like week 3 or 4 of making our own dinner every night!! (vs. eating out every night) so I need new recipes to try!!

April said...

I love it! Thanks so much for sharing with me! Great pictures too! And I "love" your vent on your pie crust. So perfect for a yummy family dinner at home!

Amanda Reed said...

I do not love pot pie, but my husband LOVES it. Since it is a "love" pot pie, I could make it for the love of my life! Will you please send the recipe?