Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sarah's Minnie Mouse Party!

This weekend we traveled to Evansville to celebrate our niece, Sarah's, 6th Birthday! The party had a Minnie Mouse theme and was held at Gattitown, which is a much nicer, cleaner version of Chucky Cheese. Here is a picture of Sarah getting ready to make a wish and blow out her candle as Avery looks on and twirls her hair.
Here are the lovely cousins...

This is the fabulous Minnie cake made by Grandma Terry!

Piper looked pretty darn cute in her mouse ears. But then again, she always looks pretty darn cute, if you ask me!

Gattitown has a huge buffet. The kids could get whatever they wanted on the buffet. Most kids filled their plates with tons of pizza. Avery never falls into the "most kids" category. All she wanted was tomatoes, black olives, broccoli, and hard boiled eggs. I had to really pull her arm to convince her to even take one piece of pizza or to (God forbid) drink a Slushy. We got some looks like I was that mean mom at the buffet who only let her kid eat vegetables at the birthday party. The truth is that Avery has always been a healthy, vegetable loving girl! I'm proud of my healthy eater! I should probably eat more like that myself!

In case you were wondering what my husband looks like in Minnie Mouse ears, HERE YOU GO!

After experiencing Gattitown for the first time, I wondered...would it be inappropriate for a 31 year old to have her birthday party there? for thought. February is getting closer and closer. I would also like to take an adults only trip to the Children's Museum of Evansville, but that's another story.
We had a fun time, despite the fact I was secretly worried that I had H1N1 all weekend (I'm still wondering). My sis-in-law, Beth, is the hostess with the mostest! She always gets us food and beverages that we like, lets us wear jammies until late afternoon (like we really gave her a choice), and gives me drugs to prevent my allergic reactions to her pets. Most importantly, our niece, Sarah, had a great 6th birthday. This will be a big year for her, and I am thrilled that we got to celebrate with her. I'll keep you posted on that 31st bday party at Gattitown...