Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Finger

Below is the best thing that Avery got in her trick-or-treat bag. It is a creepy finger. When I put on the finger, I become Witch Mama and with a cackle and wiggle of the finger, I send my girls into shrieks. Avery said it was "too scary." Exactly the type of tool I need to add to my arsenal of mom tricks. One that instills fear and entertainment.

Avery bravely tried on the finger and it did not have the same affect. I have never had someone show me the finger and give me a thumbs up sign before. She is sending me mixed messages. Hmmmm.

After Avery had the finger on, she said, "I know what I could do with this. I could get my high boogers."
Yep, you heard me.

Unfortunately, Piper overheard me telling Avery that she better not ever do that with that finger. So she thought she would give it a try.
I bravely left the house today (after yesterday's fiasco) to return my friend Bre's Twilight books. She let me borrow them in May. Yes, six months ago. I have been done with them for five months and I just got around to returning them. This is Bre. She is lovely. She did not complain that I had the books for half a year or that Piper mangled the jackets on the books. But she did give me the finger.....

She thought of touching her nose on her own. Must be something about that finger.
On our way home, I did something I have never ever done. I used the finger while driving.
When we got home, I kind of forgot about the finger. Until Avery showed up at my side with this Barbie.

Barbie, I'm shocked at you. I know you are fifty this year and all, but that doesn't mean you can go around being that rude.
I encourage you to give someone the finger. It's fun. *Witch Cackle*
Stay tuned....I have been reflecting on gratitude and will be blogging about it soon. You can also look forward to a special guest writer on my blog soon. We call him Ned.


Niki said...

You are cracking me up! Avery is doing the thumbs up with both hands in that picture!! My dad gives the thumbs up while he's eating....I'll have to take a pic and show you!!

Lindsay said...

Oh, Niki....she even gives the thumbs up when she is getting formal family pictures. I want to see that pic of your dad. :)

Beth Terry Merchant said...

You crack me up ! Actually, my nieces crack me up! You can write a book of "Averyisms" complete with thumbs up pictures!

Leslie Boruff said...

I love your blog. Kind of describes my life a few years back. My girls are 12 and 13 now and each year brings on a new set of challenges. I hope you are printing all this out and making a book out of it. They will love reading it someday.