Sunday, November 8, 2009

Biker Babe

Avery is a biker babe. This is Avery and her Vespa. (Can Vespa owners be considered biker babes??) It is exactly the color of Vespa that I have always wanted. I get to live vicariously through her. Since she is my daughter, I am not jealous of her Vespa (or at least I hide it well).

This is what she looks like when she twists the throttle and revs the engine...

She makes fierce biker faces when she's on the road.

This is what her hair looks like after a good ride (or on an average day running through the house and jumping on furniture).

Okay, four year old does not really go riding on her Vespa. And do you really think I would let her ride without a helmet? What kind of a mother do you think I am?

We can always pretend!