Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Sister-in-Laws To Be...Holiday Magic

On Saturday, I spent the entire day with my future sis-in-laws. There is one rule, and one rule only, for anyone crazy enough to marry into our family. They have to LOVE the Christmas season. They have to be filled with JOY at every family gathering during the holiday season...and if they aren't....THAT'S IT. They would immediately be kicked out of the family. Luckily, they are following the rules. This first picture is the typed itinerary for the week leading up to Christmas. It was created by Amber, my youngest brother's fiance. She is super organized (she noticed what was lacking in the family and immediately stepped up to the plate). She LOVES making schedules. We don't ask why....we just gladly accept the organization. Our first task of the day was to meet at Starbucks for breakfast/caffeine (it's all the same), and to map out Amber's family itinerary. Here is the itinerary and a picture of Amber being super organized, and a man in the background wondering what the heck we are doing.

Earlier when I picked up Kayleigh, my other brother's fiance, she stepped out of the house looking oh, so trendy. She said that she was feeling a "rock star vibe." She carried the rock star vibe in her heart all day. She was very difficult to control in public.

Fashion Rule #101: When hanging out with girls in their early twenties, you must accessorize in a way that will NOT make you look like their mother. I chose the very large flower ring. I was hoping it would distract other shoppers from my new eye wrinkles and stray gray hair.
(Please note: This is only my first fashion rule that I have shared on the blog. However, when giving fashion rules, one must start with the number 101 to appear to be more knowledgeable. I am sharing this secret tip with you because I like to help my readers.) Check out the ring!!

Today we discussed many important, worldly Twilight. We are very brainy like that. The girls suggested that I am now a "cougar" because 30 year olds should not lust after boys who are not even 18, like the actor who plays Jacob. Wow, I am now a cougar. Raaaaaawr! In a calendar store, we found a Twilight calendar (something every good person needs). The flash in the camera blocked out Bella's face. Ooooops! I guess it's just me and Edward. Sigh.
(Please note: I didn't want anyone thinking that I have something going on with Edward from Twilight, so I left my wedding ring on for this special photo.)

My future sis-in-laws have a major thing for boots. I think they may actually love boots more than they love my brothers. Kayleigh fell in love with these white boots that looked exactly like cottage cheese but felt like HEAVEN. They were like little kids in a candy store when they saw the wide array of colors of boots that Gap has to offer this season. Kayleigh was so amazed by the colors that she shouted out something that I can't write in my blog. Let's just say she was super thrilled.

Those crazy girls are SOOOO immature. They force me to do really silly things, like putting on this flashlight for your head. Okay, I'll confess. I put on the head flashlight while they weren't looking. Kayleigh was checking out and talking to the cashier. I yelled out, "Hey Kayleigh, look!" She turned around, along with the cashier, and busted out laughing. After this episode, the girls made me walk at least ten feet behind them through the mall.
Then Amber saw her dream car....a Smart car. She got into the display car and stuck her head out the top. This was hilarious and cute until the security guard walked up and shook his head. Then we slowly backed away from the display.

Early in our day we took a picture of me with this snowman. He literally filled our hearts with joy and holiday spirit. We all kind of fell in love with him. The snowman is very quiet, but he LISTENED to us and didn't laugh at us. We love men like that. Throughout the day, the girls talked a lot about how wonderful it would be if we had this snowman at our holiday festivities for the years to come.

The girls harassed me all day about the snowman. After hours of walking around and dealing with their antics, I caved. I didn't want them to have a tantrum. I know all about tantrums. Soooooooooo......
Here we are carrying a life size snowman through the mall to the car. His name is Xavier. Don't judge.

In conclusion, I love Kayleigh and Amber! I have no idea how two girls, so intelligent, beautiful, and sweet were able to fall in love with my two brothers who are possibly the two grossest human beings I know (love you boys!). I am thrilled to have them join our crazy family and experience EVERY holiday for the rest of their lives with us. Now if Amber could just get us all to stick to the itinerary and be on that would be a true Christmas miracle!


Daniel & Amber said...

loved it!!*~ but i think we will have to have another shopping day! of course at another mall to see what other crazy stuff we can find!!

ps. i should have took a picture of your taking notes earlier in the day!!*~

Beth said...

So who's making the itinerary for our family Christmas ? We'll be up mid-afternoon Christmas day if all goes according to plans and stay until the morning of the 30th.

Can't wait to see you all Saturday !

Mom said...

I am so happy all my girls had the day together. wish I could have been there to lead the excitement! We are Christmas people!