Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Kick-off 2009

This year I hosted the first annual Holiday Kick-off on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. My brothers and future sis-in-laws were sad that we never get to see each other for the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm like the mom in this group....since the real mom lives so far away. So I invited everyone over for a feast like no other. Here is a picture of the crew sitting in my kitchen and waiting for the feast. They are dining on my fancy appetizers....generic ruffle chips and dip. I almost cropped the boxes out of the left hand side of the photo, but then we would lose Michael. Yes, those are moving boxes. Yes, we moved in July. Now shut up! (Really those are boxes with holiday ornaments.) I also like how this particular photo makes it look like my kitchen is built on a steep incline, or that we are actually in a ship on a stormy day at sea.
At this point, I was busy still preparing the feast. At the time of the picture below, Michael was holding his new iPhone. All four of them were looking up something really nasty on Wikipedia. So nasty, in fact, that I would never ever share it on this blog and never ever be able to even tell you in person because I would blush profusely. All I can say is that it is amazing what you can find on Wikipedia.

This is Ned preparing the holiday punch. Holiday punch has a big history with us. The only ingredients are rainbow sherbet, Hawaiian punch, and 7-Up. My mom has prepared this same holiday punch for as long as I can remember on Christmas Eve for my brothers and me. We decided to throw caution to the wind and try to make it ourselves. We are daring like that. Notice the milk jug filled with something tannish in the background? That would be the lovely milk jug filled with turkey drippings and fat from Thanksgiving. I feel so country.

Now, for the feast!!! We had pigs in a blanket. Although, since I used all beef hot dogs, I guess these are "cows in a blanket." I know how to impress my dogs and chips. Many, many years ago, my mom started letting us kids pick what she would make on Christmas Eve for dinner. We ALWAYS picked pigs in a blanket because we really never had them any other time. Michael liked to fondly call them Jesus Weenies. I am embarrassed to write that! Since it was on Christmas Eve, he thought that was the name that fit this dish best. Don't hate him! He can't help being inappropriate. It runs through his veins. Michael said that pigs in a blanket remind him of the baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling! (You wonder why I am demented) I do remember the first year he called them Jesus Weenies. My mom did TRY to get him to stop. That's the story of her life....try to get Michael to stop doing something, then laugh, then lose all credibility as an authoritarian, then give up and let him just do whatever. Here are our 2009 Jesus Weenies. I say that with all respect.

Below is Daniel blowing on his hot dog. I'm not sure why I think this is funny. Maybe it is because he looks kind of like Edward Cullen. The best part about this picture is the blob of ketchup mixed with mustard on his plate. That warms my heart. Ketchup mixed with mustard is necessary with all pigs in a blanket, or cows in a blanket. It is the condiment of choice.
Kayleigh, Michael's fiance, mentioned that these were the first pigs in a blanket that she had ever had in her whole life. This caused huge drama. HOW COULD THAT BE? WERE YOU ABUSED AS A CHILD? WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY? Michael said it might be a deal breaker in their engagement. Later, he forgave her. She can't help how she grew up and how her nutritional needs were met. My final picture is of Michael drinking his holiday punch. I would say he has a goofy look on his face, but he looks like that pretty much all the time.
The only thing missing from this gathering was mom. She was probably in the desert somewhere in Arizona, getting lost on her GPS, and dodging cactuses. If she would have been here, she would have been acting horrified at the disgusting things my brothers did while laughing at the same time. That is what makes the holidays the holidays!


Starla said...

I really did try to get him to stop saying "Jesus Weenies" but when he came up with the phrase it did somehow fit. He said it reminded him of the baby Jesus wrapped in swadling. How can you argue with that, except that it is creepy to think of eating the baby Jesus. It is impossible to punish if you are laughing. One of many many downfalls in parenting. LOL
I missed the laughter on Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

glad i got to take part in jesus weenies! lol. only 10 days until we start off more christmas activities!

Lex said...

Funny thing is, my kitchen really is build on a steep incline. The floor looks like the villains lairs from the old Batman series. Olives and grapes dropped on the floor have a tendency to roll under the stove and fridge. I moved the fridge last week to mop the floor (psycho, I know, who mops under their fridge more often than once every 10 years? This girl! I do it almost monthly. It had gone neglected for a couple of months) I found raisins (that used to be grapes from and after school snack) and all of the missing homework pencils in the house. It was an awesome find, really.
As for the wikipedia thing, Joe and I would have fit into that situation nicely.

LOVE the Jesus weenie story. Good stuff. Dylan says stuff like that but since hes out-numbered by girls, those things dont really catch on.

It looked like great fun. BTW, we had pigs (cows) in a blanket last week too! :-)