Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Youngest, the Flirt of the Family

Recently, we attended Disney on Ice. It was a great night and I plan to blog more about it later. First though, I want to tell you that all of our suspicions about Piper were confirmed at Disney on Ice that night.! I suspected she might be a flirt for a long time, since she is like a magnet to the male species. I am not looking forward to a "boy crazy" daughter. As everyone else was watching the show, Piper was flirting with the little boy in front of us. Here are some pictures of her in action.

Here she is just innocently sucking her thumb and watching Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney gang, while sitting on her Daddy's lap....where a little girl should be!
She perks up, as if to say, "Look, mommy....I see a boooooooy." She scoots to the edge of her seat to get a closer look. She puts her hands on his chair.

Then came the head tilt. The boy in the grey sweatshirt is the object of her flirting. She expertly tilted her head while batting her eyes. I wish I were kidding.

This is her trying to get even closer to the boy. It is like she is saying, "Um....HELLO. Stop looking at Mickey Mouse. I'm cuter. Pay attention to me." He's thinking about it.
This is where we knew we were in trouble. The boy leaned forward at this moment and put his arms around her! I don't have a picture of his arms around her because 1) Piper's Daddy was about falling out if his chair in half disgust at her flirting and half anger at the little boy, who clearly liked it. 2) I was so shocked and laughing so much, I couldn't take a picture! They embraced until I pulled them away from each other and told them both to watch the show!

That about sums it all up. She flirts like a little pro. She loves men of all ages. She is a total boy magnet. Greeeaaaaat.


Leslie Boruff said...

He looks absolutely smitten! Who wouldn't be?!? Ahh yes, the joys of raising girls. I'm right there with ya!