Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hearts for Haiti

By now, the world knows about the devastation created by the horrific earthquake in Haiti. I watched CNN today and was just dumbfounded by the sights that I saw. I was saddened by a comment from an un-named person on Facebook who spoke of "taking care of our own" before helping the victims of this disaster. I believe that "our own" is all of human kind. In situations like this, the entire human race needs to pull together.

I watched Dr. Sanjay Gupta treat a 15 day old baby on CNN. This brand new baby had a head injury and no antibiotics. I also saw a beautiful 11 year old girl trapped, but alive, under rubble. They fear that they will not be able to get her out in time. My heart is aching for all of Haiti. If you haven't heard much about the earthquake yet for whatever reason, please go to to hear what has happened.

I encourage you to read this link that details different ways you can help Haiti. Also if you have time, read Mia Farrow's (an ambassador for UNICEF) plea to give aid to the children.

Avery walked in as I was watching CNN tearfully. Her eyes got wide and she said, "Is Haiti going to be like Africa now?" Her sweet innocence made me even more sad for the children in Haiti who may have lost their parents. Matthew and I have already begun teaching our bright five year old that there are places in the world that need help and that suffer terribly each day. Even at the young age of five, Avery understands that there are people in the world that are homeless and starving.

Also today, a Facebook friend, sent a message out to all of her contacts asking for donations of frequent flyer miles. I have only met Richelle once. She was my waitress at Cheesecake Factory. She was one of those people that you meet and just know that they are kind and good. She was the best waitress I have ever had! Now Richelle needs help. She has adopted a brand new baby girl from California. She just adopted the girl's older 2 year old brother a few weeks ago. She needs a round trip ticket for one to California to pick her baby up. She cannot afford the cost of the flight to California. Luckily (I hope) Richelle will probably get the help she needs. Please add her to your prayer lists that she gets to bring her baby girl home soon.

Children everywhere need our help. It doesn't matter if they live in your town, in a different state, or even a different continent. Children hold the future for all of us. Even if you don't have money to spare, help a fellow human today. You never know when you, yourself, will need help.

My heart goes out to Haiti today.