Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vacation Diaries, Part 1: First Class Flyer

So how many of you have been wondering if I made a fool out of myself at the airport this time? I hope you haven't stopped functioning in your daily lives while waiting to hear about my experiences in Arizona. I will have to share my trip in a series of posts, so you don't have to read one huge post! First I will start with the flights...

Did I tell you that my mom's boyfriend had me bumped to first class? Well, let me tell you, first class is the way to go! My brother's fiance, Kayleigh, dropped me off at the airport. When I approached the US Airways counter, I saw the typical huge long line of travelers waiting to check-in. I started to join the line at the back....until.....I saw the sign for first class passengers.

The sign that said to cut in front of the other line!!!

I called Kayleigh and was all like, "Duuuude.....I get to cut the line at check-in."
She was like, "No way. Are you going to?"
I was like, "Um yeah...but I'm scared."

I meekly rolled my suitcase past the very long line of travelers to the very front without making eye contact with anyone. I felt like a celebrity. Keep in mind the fact that I don't get out much.

The special treatment didn't end there.
I boarded the plane first and saw the lovely amazing seats. Cozy leather seats that are twice the size of the seats on the "other" side of the curtain. I sat down next to an older businessman in a suit. He was talking on his Bluetooth saying that he was just absolutely disgusted with first class. He usually takes the company private jet, but it wasn't available. Now he had to slum it in first class.


Of course, I wanted to tell him that I had the same exact problem. I wanted to tell him that the Gemini Realty jet was unavailable and that I had a super important closing appointment in Malibu.

But I chickened out.

I was shocked to find out that immediately upon boarding the flight attendant was already offering snacks and beverages while the "regular" people were still boarding. Even though everyone told me that alcohol is free in first class, I chickened out once again and meekly ordered an ice water. After take-off, the flight attendant let me choose my meal: grilled chicken breast with madeira sauce and mashed potatoes or pork tenderloin with fingerling potatoes. I went with the chicken and some white wine. The wine was free flowing in first class. First class (all 12 of us) had our own flight attendant who walked up and down the aisle with a wine bottle giving refills. I'm not a huge drinker of any alcohol, but I did drink a couple of cups of the vino. Even after the meal, the offer of snacks and beverages never stopped!

Early on in the flight I panicked because I couldn't find the tray in my seat. Mr. Fancy Pants next to me had his tray out with his laptop and paperwork spread out everywhere. I looked and I looked, but I couldn't find the damn tray. Moments like this make me go into a cold sweat. I don't like to ask for help with simple things like this. I found the tray FINALLY hidden in the arm rest. Huh. The rest of the flight ran more smoothly, except I had to go to the bathroom like nothing else. Large diet Coke (pre-flight), ice water during boarding, and 2 or so cups of wine later....you can imagine. I held it all the way to Phoenix because Mr. Fancy Pants next to me was so absorbed in his super important Power Point. I found myself distracted by the passenger in front of me who was watching a movie with lots of nudity on his laptop. I was pretty thankful that he wasn't my seat neighbor. That way I could sneak peeks without anyone knowing. *Giggle*

Once I exited the plane in Phoenix, I was delighted to immediately see people movers. I told you about my slight thing for them. I like to get on them and pretend I have super human walking speed.

When I went through security in Phoenix on my way home to Indy, a man who worked for US Airways stopped me. He was working at a podium and trying to sell a frequent flyer mile program. I thought about ignoring him and walking past with my nose in the air, but that's usually not my style. I politely listened to his sales pitch. When I turned him down, he put his hand on my arm and actually uttered the words, "Come on....the cutest people get the best benefits." He followed that with a wink.
That rocked.
Man, he was good! He knew how to appeal to a 30 year old mother of two. I laughed and turned him down again. Then I texted my hubby to tell him that the US Airways guy was hitting on me.
The flight home was also first class and was equally lovely. The lady sitting next to me had a Nook (the Barnes and Noble version of the Kindle). I had my Kindle, so we compared notes and talked about some books. After our meal, the flight attendant passed out hot, wet rags that smelled of lemons. By this time, I felt like a seasoned first class flyer, so I confidently wiped my hands with the rest of them.
I did most of the things I predicted in my last post, including my multiple to-do lists that are still inside my carry-on. I highly recommend flying first class with US Airways. I have no idea what it costs, but it is worth the comfy seats alone! I am officially highfalutin!
Stay tuned for Part 2!


Mom said...

OMG You crack me up. I have waited to see if you had a good time with your poor mom, but the flights get top billing...LOL We had so many of our personal adventures, I can't wait to read more. I miss you already! Spa next?

mom said...

Will you hurry up and finish the trip series!!! i cant wait to read about our adventures.

Lindsay said...

Dude...you were there! You lived it!

Mom said...

Dude? Yo Mama is not no dude! LOL