Monday, February 8, 2010

Vacation Diaries, Part 4: The Vortex Ain't Just a Roller Coaster at King's Island

While most of my trip to Arizona was purely frivolous (going to the spa, shopping in Scottsdale, etc), we did spend one entire day doing something more educational when we went to Sedona. Sedona is a fascinating place that I would like to return to sometime. The best part was not the touristy shops, but rather the amazing geological surroundings. Sedona is supposedly a center for vortexes. Being an Indiana girl, my only experience with a vortex in the past has been in King's Island amusement park! The vortexes in Sedona are an entirely different thing. If you have watched water go down the drain in the bathtub, then you have experienced a vortex in the traditional sense. Vortexes are typically created by spiraling air or water. However, in Sedona, vortexes are believed to be created by spiraling spiritual energy! According to an article by Elizabeth Rose on, vortexes in Sedona are believed to be spiritual locations where the energy is right to facilitate prayer, meditation, and healing.

We started out our trip in a tourist area with lots of shops. The shops had lots of crystals, books, Native American jewelry, etc. This first picture was taken of me with Alex, my mom's boyfriend, Bruce's daughter. Poor Alex! She briefly met me two nights before this picture at dinner, but had never spent long lengths of time with me. Alex is a college student and so sweet. I jokingly said I was going to hold the deer's behind for this picture. Look how frightened Alex looks! She is leaning away from me, probably wondering why she agreed to go on a road trip with such a weirdo.
We took another picture by the deer. My mom suggested that maybe we should take a normal shot that didn't include me holding the deer's butt. Notice how Alex still looks frightened? I love nice, normal people!

You must know that the following picture was taken from the side of the road. Bruce suggested I get a shot of it. I was the only one who exited the car to take a quick picture. When I turned around to get back in the car, they were GONE!!! I couldn't find the car anywhere. They had parked up a hill in the small parking area. I think after the deer butt picture they may have tried to ditch me. I found them though. Haha!

Geology was one of my favorite classes in college, much to my surprise. Being in Sedona, reminds me why I loved it. Look at the layers of rock in the following picture. The picture doesn't really show the sheer magnitude of these rocks. It takes your breath away and reminds you of what an amazing planet we live on!

This is my absolute favorite picture from Sedona. I love how the clouds are sitting on top of the rocks. I also love all the colors in the picture. So beautiful and peaceful!

I thought the next rock formation was interesting. It looks like a giant stepped in the middle of the rock and crushed it perfectly down the middle.

Alex led us down into an area where she goes with her friends. They are rock slides....and people actually slide down them in the summer. The rock is very, very soft and you can see impressions of where people have slid down multiple times. Alex and Bruce are definitely hikers. They easily climbed up and down over rocks. My mom and I....not so much. We both have bad knees. I couldn't believe how Alex could just jump up and down off rocks while wearing flip flops!! My mom reminded me that Alex was about 11 years my junior. Thanks, mom! I felt so bad for my mom during this hike. She wore those new Sketchers shoes that are supposed to help you lose weight while walking. The shoes are very unbalanced and rounded at the bottom. She was struggling. Alex and Bruce kept getting far ahead of us, while we were clinging to each other for dear life. I am so glad they got us to do this though, because the views were incredible.

This next picture is totally random. This is some street art in Sedona. The sculpture is of two javelinas, a pig-like animal that is native in Arizona. Wild javelinas apparently go into my mom and Bruce's yard occasionally. I don't think the wild javelinas are actually teal with bright case you were wondering.

During our hike to the rock slides, we saw this family building a snowman! I felt right at home! It was funny that the snow was not melting, but Bruce said that it is because the sun doesn't get into that area as much. Alex was wearing flip flops and she was quite comfortable! I love how the kids in the picture are staring right at me, while the adults are busy making the snowman. The poor kids look worried, like they are wondering why a stranger is taking their picture. Ha!

After our hike to the rock slides, we decided to go to one of the vortexes that we saw on a map in a bookstore. We went to the Airport Mesa vortex.
I was waiting for rainbows to shoot out my fingers during my vortex experience.
But it didn't happen.
However, I do find it interesting that my photos that were taken in the vortex are blurry! Next time I go to Sedona, I want to spend more time alone in one of the vortexes. I can't say I had a spiritual experience, but I did feel very, very good and alive. The air was just perfect. I didn't want to scare Bruce or Alex, so I didn't sit on a rock and meditate or anything. Next time, I just might though! There is something very special and aesthetically pleasing about Sedona. You can't miss that feeling!
Here are Bruce and Alex standing in the Vortex. I love how relaxed and happy Alex looks in this picture. Bruce and Alex are quite a duo and very cute together. They have been through a lot together. I am glad that my mom has them in her life...her life that was once very lonely in Arizona.

The next picture is awesome. Readers will wonder if my mom is a very tall woman, or if Bruce is a very short man. I won't tell.
Only we know the truth.
I want to thank Bruce and Alex for such a beautiful day! It was nice to finally spend time with Alex. I promise I am almost done with my vacation diaries. I have other things to share with you that have happened since my trip! I feel compelled, and rather OCD about actually doing the Vacation Diaries uninterrupted.
Next time you go to King's Island and ride the Vortex roller coaster, think of me and what I have taught you today. Haha! I am still waiting on rainbows to shoot out my fingers....but that might require some meditation, and I don't have the attention span!


Mom said...

I am still troubled that you chose to hang on to the elk's butt. Such a majestice statue and you could not tear yourself from it's backend. Hmmmmmmmmm

Lindsay said...

An elk? I said a deer...ooops! Elk butt is even better.

Beth Terry Merchant said...

The pig things are painted that way because it's a traditional folk art called Oacaxan Wood Sculpture from Mexico. I teach about them in Art History. I snagged your favorite picture. You never know what you might get sometime as a gift!

Mom said...

Are you giving her an elk butt, a javalina sculpture or a scenic wonder? Knowing Lindsay, she would like...