Sunday, March 28, 2010

And It Was Lovely

This lovely girl in the fuschia coat is my sweet friend, Audrey. Audrey and I go way back. We were hired two days apart as first year teachers (literally just days before school started) at the elementary school where I used to work. We were instant friends because we were fresh out of college and embarking on that scary first year of teaching together. Her classroom was next door to mine and we often had to vent through eachothers doorways about the challenges and hilarity of teaching first and second graders. That was nine years ago! A few weeks ago, Audrey asked me if I wanted to go to Cincinatti with her and other friends of ours to visit Tammy, my former teacher's aide and just about the nicest person I have ever met. I am so glad that I agreed to go (and that my husband didn't mind) because it was lovely.We are an easy going crowd. We are happy just being silly and walking around in stores or hanging out at someone's house and talking for hours. We have enough stories about teaching to last a lifetime. Tammy (my former aide) is the one in the orange sweater, while the rest of us were wearing black and gray. That was perfect though because she is like a ray of sunshine! Would you believe that Tammy is in her mid 40s? She has the most amazing skin I have ever seen. Her orange sweater was helpful because we could always find her after she wandered off in stores. We thought the rhinestone reading glasses were worth of a picture. The stranger who took the picture probably wondered why five women needed their picture taken in the middle of Marshall's, but oh well!

Our other dear friend, Stacey, is getting ready for her upcoming wedding. We saw these interesting wine glasses at Home Goods and taught her how to hook arms with her future hubby at their wedding after their toast. Once again, we probably looked strange for taking pictures in Home Goods, but we are just those kind of gals. My friends thought it was shocking that I had never been into a Home Goods store. They built it up for me and I wasn't overwhelmed with excitement until I saw the lamps! I will definitely have to return to a Home Goods store in the near future!

Tammy is like a tour guide. She loves trying different restaurants and shopping areas. She introduced us all to tapas last night when we had dinner at a tapas restaurant. Tammy took this picture of us at dinner. Stacey, myself, Audrey, and Missy (another teacher friend that I haven't seen in literally a few years!) are in this picture. We did not plan to all wear black and gray!

Tammy (and the rest of us) are huge talkers when we are all together. I love all my teacher friends dearly because we can talk and talk and talk some more! We didn't realize the time at all on Saturday as we sat in Tammy's living room and shared memories and updates on everyone's lives. Tammy filled us in on her crazy schedule that involves taking her son to a zillion extra-curricular activities every week. Trust me when I say that poor Tammy is always in her car! We lost track of time talking until finally Tammy's husband walked in and said "Good morning!" It was 4 a.m.! I never stay up that late, but that's what happens when you are with old friends. We made ourselves go to bed. Missy and I shared a room and talked even later. By the time I woke up at 9 a.m. I was physically exhausted! So we thought we would go to Ikea....since Ikea is an awesome place to go when you have had four hours of sleep. This is why we had to stop in the chair section and rest....and take another picture. I guess I got the orange sweater memo for the day!
I left Tammy's feeling sad. I am a terrible person to keep in contact with people. I love Tammy so much and I never ever call her or see her now that she lives in Cincy, which is not so far away. Why do I do that? Tammy has such an amazing strength and spirit about her. You can't help but feel relaxed in her presence. Even her decorating style is this relaxed, beachy, coastal cottage style. I made a secret promise to myself to do a better job calling Tammy and visiting her in the future.
I missed my hubby and my girls, but I was only gone 24 hours. That 24 hours was filled with laughter and good conversation. I felt so rejuvenated!
And it was lovely!
How do you rejuvenate? Did you do anything lovely this weekend? Post a comment!