Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Musings

Monday, Monday.

It's raining. Today has been an average day.

I have been lost in thought for a few days, which is really nothing new. My head is often in the clouds. I have been thinking about the things I need to do.....and not do. The usual obsessive thoughts involving to-do lists that never get started.

One thing that has been weighing heavily on me is that lately some of my favorite bloggers out in Blogland have received hateful comments on their blogs from random, mean spirited people who like to say terrible things to nice people in an anonymous fashion. Who would do that? Isn't Blogland supposed to be a happy escape for people who want to be there? Also related are people who use Facebook to say the cruel things on their mind that they won't say IN PERSON. I am worried that some people feel that it is okay to let all manners fly out the window when they are online. Is there ever a time when it is okay to let all manners fly out the window when dealing with other people's emotions? I'm not sure. I just wish the human race in general could show more empathy toward one another.

I do know I have found some absolutely divine blogs out there. It has given me faith that lovely, creative, kind people exist all over the world! Some of the blogs I fall upon inspire me to take action in my own life or to just think about something in a new way. I do not blog for money. I blog because it is my passion. I know people in my real life who scoff at blogs and bloggers. Why would anyone scoff at someone else's passion, even if it is not their own? Do I go around making fun of coin collectors, even though I would never have a coin collection? No. Do I go around rolling my eyes at people who love to ski, even though I can't imagine myself plunging down a snowy mountain? No, of course not.

Sometimes I feel hugely misunderstood in real life. I am social, but reserved. I am serious, but frivolous. I am dependable, but capricious. I am a series of contradictions at any given time. My blog helps me to express myself just as a canvas and paint helps artists to express themselves. Do I think I am great? No. Do I think I am a gifted writer? No! Do I think my life is unusually exciting or fabulous? No, certainly not. My life is what it is. I offer mere snippets on my blog for my own pleasure without hurting anyone else.

Thank goodness for Blogland. That's all I can say. If I didn't have my blog and other people's blogs to get lost in, I don't know how I would feel. It is like trying to imagine a life without books. I just couldn't imagine that. If you are interested in having your own blog, but haven't done it yet.....what is stopping you? My advice would be to start today! Try not to edit yourself too much. Try not to "plan" your postings too much. Just let your blog grow organically into whatever it turns out to be! Blog for yourself. And maybe, just maybe, a few others will get something out of it! And if they don't appreciate your blog, hopefully they will move on and find one that they do!

Here are the newest blogs that I can't get enough of for all unique reasons:

...or so i feel
dolce vita
warm pears

That is just a few. Once you read these people's blogs, you will find links to many other lovely blogs.

To wrap up this Monday musing, I have been thinking about my blog lately. I originally started my blog with the intent to throw on some pictures of my kids along with some cute stories and family goings-ons for distant relatives to get caught up on our lives. But it has grown into something else. I had no idea my blog would grow into this thing....this thing that keeps me going. I jump from topic to topic, be it cooking, books, funny anecdotes, etc. This blog is not so much about my Punkin and Bean, but it is just plain ME. I am contemplating a name change for my blog. Not sure when it will happen, since you already know I have the most monumental to-do lists. But it may really happen. There may be some changes around here, I guess you could say!

Have a beautiful week, whoever you may be. Try to be empathetic to those around you. Show some love to yourself and others. Don't be afraid to be your complicated self.

With Love,


Mom said...

You are the best daughter ever. You are my joy.

Marisa said...

i agree completely Lindsay. I think we start these blogs for certain reasons and before we know it they have taken on a whole new life. I met my bestie through this blog world and have also made several friends... it is amazing. I too get some grief from non bloggers in my personal life and think it is silly... if you don't like it don't read it. Thank you for the shout out... I love reading your everyday musings xoxo

Marisa said...

ps... how sweet is your mom?