Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Madness

While my husband sits and watches basketball, my girls and I decided to do something that we feel is more productive.

like take pictures of our new shoes

I know Daddy wishes that his girls were wearing team colors and yelling at the T.V. right along with him, but these are MY daughters too after all. I have been to many, many basketball games in my life, but have NEVER really watched one. I much prefer people watching, reading magazines, or snapping pictures of shoes. A girl has priorities.

Last month, my mom bought me two pairs of shoes around the time of my birthday (without me being present to pick them out). One pair were these fabulous orange sandals. The other pair was not quite my style, so she told me I could just exchange them.
Today was the day I chose to exchange them. I exchanged the reject shoes for these amazing green wedges. Avery noticed that they looked really nice against my green rug. Atta girl!

Piper noticed that we were off in a corner snapping pictures of shoes, so she wanted in the action. Here are the brand new shoes she got today.

I wanted to get Avery sensible shoes today that she could run around outside in as it gets warmer. She tried on several pairs of shoes, but wasn't happy with any of them. Then my dreams of sensible shoes were shattered when she INSISTED that we buy her these multi-colored sandals. I guess it would be wrong to insist that she wear sensible shoes while I am wearing green wedges with metal studs on them. Oddly enough, Avery's new sandals are "Jessica Simpson" sandals. I had no idea she designed children's shoes. The worst part though was when the sales girl asked me what size Avery needed. I said, "I don't know...the sandals she has on are a size 10." The sales girl measured Avery's feet and she needs a 12.5!!! (Bad Mommy moment). These Jessica Simpson sandals are actually a 13. She wore them out of the store instead of her size 10 sandals. Hehehe. Fashion hurts sometimes. You gotta learn that at an early age, I guess.
Some people like their March Madness brackets.
We like metal studs on sandals.
My poor, poor hubby. His women may not care about basketball, but our feet sure look good!


Beth Terry Merchant said...

!. You hubby's sister is faithfully watching March Madness.
2. I also went shoe shopping today with no success :( I need to show off my Tat!!
3. Those sandals are SOOOO Avery! Avery isn't exactly your run-of-the-mill, sensible girl, she doesn't need sensible shoes! She MUST be styling, Mom! (she has now passed Sarah up in height, weight & shoe size...Sarah's Easter shoes are a 12.5)
4. I wish we could go shoe shopping while I'm in town the next couple days.

Lindsay said...

I will totally go shoe shopping with you! I got my shoes at DSW and the girls from Stride Rite.