Monday, March 15, 2010

Music Monday!

As my life slowly gets back to normal after having house guests, I did some blog hopping today to see what's going on at my fav blogs. I was delighted to find this Gwen Stefani video posted by Marisa over at ... or so i feel. I told her I may just have to post it myself! I have never seen this video before today, but I absolutely ADORE it now! The styling is incredible. I have secret fantasies about being a celebrity stylist like Rachel Zoe. Seriously, can Gwen Stefani be any more gorgeous? The location and fashion in this video are like candy for my eyes. I wish I could be transported into this video for a day! Wouldn't that be a fun Monday?


Heidi Rose said...

I'm also following ...or so i feel. :) I love this video too. Gwen Stefani is so sweet.

Marisa said...

i know right... wouldn't you just love to walk around it that video? xo