Monday, April 26, 2010

110 Days...

This is a message from the Emergency Broadcast System. Beeeeeeeeeeeep. This is not a test. I repeat, this is NOT a test. This is a real emergency, folks!

In exactly 110 days, I will be a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding. The bridesmaid dresses were purchased in March of 2009. In March of 2009, I was in the middle of crisis. I was depressed and having anxiety attacks all the time. I was a very, very stressed person. I could not eat anything without having a gall bladder attack. I had just got done losing 50 lbs. on South Beach as well. In the Spring of 2009, I got my gall bladder out just as my father-in-law was getting sicker and sicker from pancreatic cancer. I ate for comfort probably. I also ate for convenience, which was ultimately the true downfall. Our months of going to the hospital, then hospice in the evenings led to many, many, many fastfood drive-thru trips, which led to us falling desperately off the wagon.

The picture below is me in March of 2009. The girl in the blue dress. I am allowed to post this picture because Kayleigh is not wearing the dress that she actually ended up picking that ignore the wedding dress. I was wearing a blue dress in my size for the fitting, but my actual dress is orange, like Amber's in the picture (my other future sis-in-law). On the day of this picture, I was having fun (despite the craziness in my life at the time). The dresses were fabulous....they have pockets! I loved being a much thinner me.
So fast forward to last week. I am a content stay-at-home mama and Realtor now. I am no longer a total spaz having anxiety attacks at the drop of the hat. I am lovin' life. So I wasn't worried when I brought home my bridesmaid dress....all lovely and orange. It reminded me of sunshine and gumdrops. It has been in storage at Kayleigh's father's house since the Spring of 2009. Get a good, long look at the dress.

BECAUSE IT IS THE ENEMY. Erase the image of sunshine and gumdrops from your mind. Think of your worst enemy. I expected that this dress would probably not zip all the way because I'm not that far out of reality. I know I gained back weight. But you better believe I didn't see it coming that the darn thing won't FIT AT ALL. This is why there is an emergency on my hands. This dress cannot be altered to be bigger. This dress is no longer available. That means one thing and one thing only. Either I am royally screwed or I HAVE MAJOR WORK TO DO in the next 110 days.
The only silver lining is that I get to wear these fabulous shoes......these lovely, floral, girly heels that actually will still fit perfectly. Thank God my feet can't gain weight! These shoes are my friend. God bless these shoes. They give me hope.

I am joining Weight Watchers this week with two friends. I actually prefer South Beach diet as a lifestyle, but it can be more of a hassle and commitment. I need convenience. I know that both diets work, but in Weight Watchers you can still eat processed foods! Thank goodness Kayleigh is not a Bridezilla. She isn't worried at all. I mean to be honest.....her bridesmaids are all a bust! The maid of honor is now pregnant and her dress will need serious alterations. Abby, her sister, has a large bust literally and it is pouring out of her dress. Then there is me......the sister of the groom......the one who can't wear her dress right now at all. At least she can still count on tiny Amber. Stay tuned people. I will be responding to the current emergency on my hands for the next.....110 days to be exact.
Any words of encouragement are strongly encouraged in the comments section!


GailCC said...

Well, Lindsey, if ever there was a good motivator to lose weight, you have one..that little orange dress.

You know you can do it, because you've done it before, right? Good for you for joining WW. I'v been a yo-yo dieter for all my adult life, so I can sure empathize with you. Keep that dress where you can see it...maybe stick that picture of you in the blue dress on your frig.

I have already started dieting twice this year. :) I joined a facebook challenge group.

Keep us informed on your weight loss progess on fb, would you? Or here on your blog. Oh, I'm jealous of you that you can wear those cute high heels...I wear "comfort shoes." :) I want to see a picture of you in that whole get up when you reach your goal.

Gail Colby

Mom said...

You can do it!!!! Cut the carbs, Starbucks and exercise, exercise. You can do ANYTHING!!!!

Lindsay said...

No Starbucks?!? Good Lord, this is an emergency.

Anonymous said...

You can do it, I believe in you!

And I even learned how to comment on a blog, lets see how long it takes you know who to figure it out! lol

SarahSLP said...

Go Go GO! You can do it!

and OMG...those shoes are the CUTEST ever!!