Monday, April 26, 2010

Farm Chicks Giveaway

Hi friends! I check the Farm Chicks website daily because I absolutely adore it. I am thrilled that Serena is offering a special giveaway this week to one lucky blogger. Whoever wins the giveaway gets to be Serena's special guest at the Farm Chicks Show!!! I desperately wanted to attend this show with my mom and future sis-in-laws, but we couldn't figure out a way to get to Washington affordably. My dreams were this is my chance (slim as it may be). If I win this giveaway I will be over the moon because I am "researching" how to one day start my own crafty business. I have talked with a few close people in my life about my dream, and have even asked Jen O'Connor of Earth Angels her advice. Jen has emailed me with lots of tips. It would be HUGE to be able to watch Serena in action at her own show. :) Then I could come home and tell you ALL about it on my blog, which you know how I love adventures!

If you are a Farm Chicks fan AND a blogger yourself, enter here:

If you end up winning, please take me too! pretty please......pretty please with a cherry on top?