Thursday, April 1, 2010

Character Flaw

I was hit with a realization yesterday that doesn't sit well with me, even though I have known it all along deep down. I am a thinker, not a doer. How does this translate into my real life? Well, how does it not?

I read about organization tips in magazines all the time, yet I never organize anything.
I browse lovely handmade items on Etsy and other blogs, but I never create anything myself.
I know what it takes to lose weight, but I can rarely stick to it.
I have all kinds of beautiful photographs taken of my children, but I never hang them.
I love people and value relationships, but I am terrible at keeping in touch.
I have all kinds of dreams, but I don't pursue them.

What does this all mean? I hate it when I have the mean reds. I feel a funk coming on. I need to be more of a doer and less of a thinker.

Any tips, friends?


Stewart Imagery said...

I confess I have this character flaw too, and, I'd say it's safe to bet everyone's got it to some degree. Try not to get down about've realized this, now pick one thing on your list and give yourself a goal to get it done by a date, say, two weeks from now. Bada boom bada bing, before you know it, you will have done all the stuff you want to do! Organization is a biggie for me...I try to tackle one room at a time, or one part of a room at a time! It may take a little longer than I'd like to get something done, but it's much less overwhelming than looking at the long list or the projects looming out there. My Mom taught me a phrase that I tell myself quite often: look at one tree at a time, not the whole forest. Sorry for rambling here, but this post struck a chord with me, so I had to share! You can do it! I personally think that you are "a doer." Why? You have a beautiful, loving family; you do what you love each day, you are in control of your career, and you are just a good person/wife/mom/daughter/friend/+. So keep rockin'! *Hugs*

Lindsay said...

Aw, thanks Steph! You are right...I have a problem with just looking at the whole forest instead of just one tree at a time. Did you know that this is a common trait with perfectionism? I can't organize anything because I don't have time to organize it ALL perfectly at once. It's all about control. I think my goal for the week will be to hang up all the beautiful pictures you have taken of my family in the last year! That would be a good start. :) Love ya!