Sunday, May 2, 2010


Today at the zoo, we got to pet baby sharks. We touched shark teeth. We stood near a lion with only a fence separating us from extreme danger. We fed a giraffe and let its long, purple tongue touch our hands. We stared down two cheetahs that were not happy that we were peeking through the tarp blocking their view with our large umbrella. Avery was okay with EVERYTHING.....until we got to the walruses. She has had a thing against the walruses since her first trip to the zoo. Now that she is a brave five year old, I figured that fear would be gone. I WAS WRONG! Even though she hasn't grown out of her fear, her vocabulary has grown quite a bit! Her exact words today were, "Walruses are one of the three top phobias in my life."

So I have no idea what you call a phobia of walruses. I am pretty sure it isn't Blubbertuskophobia. Poor Avery was so afraid. I love the drama behind her was soooooo "Avery." That seemed like such a bold statement out of such a little girl! I think I need to buy her this shirt.

In case you were wondering, she said the other phobias in her life are bugs and the dark. Then after some thought she added that she thinks stingrays are fourth on her list!


Mom said...

OMG! Love the shirt. Avery never fails to amaze me with her views and vocabulary. I am so excited to come home this week.