Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lovely Baby-ness

This is Heather. She is one of my oldest friends and one of my only friends who actually calls me on the phone just to see how I am doing. This is Brian, her sweet husband. Heather and Brian are expecting a little girl of their own. My other friend, Stephanie, of Stewart Imagery took some pictures of them recently and I LOVE them. Stephanie is a very new friend, or at least I hope I can call her a friend! She has a knack for capturing such honest pictures. Stephanie and her husband are inspirations because they have followed their passions for careers....what I strive to do, once I figure myself out!I love this picture with the umbrella. It is so sweet. It is a glimpse of a private moment between husband and wife.

I am excited that Heather's baby shower is this weekend. I "heart" her baby already! Actually, I can't lie....I pretty much "heart" all babies. I loved being pregnant myself, so I love seeing happy pregnant people!

I was excited to hear that Heather is doing a package with Stephanie to take pictures of her baby every few months of her first year because I love Stephanie's pictures! I already know where I want our next photo session to be....but I'm not telling! Don't babies just make you feel like all is right in the world? At least that is how they make me feel. I can't wait for my dear friend, Heather, to experience the feeling of being a mother to a little girl. I also can't wait to squeeze that baby of hers in July (but not too hard!).