Saturday, July 17, 2010

Super Saturday

Today I took the girlies to a movie while Matthew is at my little brother's day long Bachelor Party. It was my first time taking a five year old and a two year old to the movies by myself, and we had a fabulous time! I juggled three drinks and two popcorns with the girls in tow (because God forbid these girls have to share out of the same container!). We saw Despicable Me, an animated film starring Steve Carrell, who is always brilliant. The movie was super cute and made me tear up in parts, of course, because I am a softie. We really enjoyed the music and I was thrilled to see that the music was all by Pharell Williams, who I think is pretty genius. So the movie got bonus points for that. We stayed through the credits so the girls could boogie in the aisle.

This morning I did a 5K for Bret Neylon's Race to Recovery. It really kicked my butt. I am so out of shape and it was 90 degrees! I really struggled. Kayleigh, my future sis-in-law in a few weeks, was at my side. She was like my Jillian, only without the yelling. Kayleigh put up with me swearing in the final mile (which she thought was funny) and me saying repeatedly, "I can't do this. I can't do this." She kept saying, "Yes you can. You can do this." At the time I wanted to kick her in the face, but now in retrospect I really appreciate her support and sweetness. She didn't mind that we were getting passed by old people, people pulling wagons, and moms pushing two kids in one stroller. That's love. She pointed out a cute dog in someone's window. I said, "I hate that stupid dog....just hanging out in the air conditioning." At the end, I made her clock in behind me so I could say that I beat her. She let me! Hooray!! My fingers were so swollen I thought they were going to explode. When we were done, I started getting the chills, which made me think my body was probably in some kind of shock. After going home and recovering from the Race for Recovery, I felt really, really good. I actually felt blessed that I even had the ability to walk at all, let alone finish a 5K when it was hotter than Hades. I felt inspired to add more walking into my life. Bret Neylon is an inspiration to those that know him. Kayleigh is his weekend nurse, so I get to hear a lot of incredible stories about Bret and his wife. I am really glad I participated even though I complained the entire time.

I am feeling real good right now. I was pretty sad about not being able to afford to stay home with the girls anymore, but now I feel energized and ready for a great school year. I am so blessed to have gotten my old position back and to get such a welcome response from staff, parents, and students! I have been planning my classroom theme and getting very excited about it. I keep remembering how much I really do love second and third graders! I just "get" them. I think I am going back so much stronger than I was before.

Also today instead of feeling all freaked out about my hubby being at a Bachelor Party, I feel just fine. The old younger me would have felt very stressed out by the whole thing. I have officially evolved as a wife! I feel very secure, unlike the Lindsay from nine years ago. I have learned in nine years of marriage that there are way more important things to worry about! I am glad that my husband is having a fun day with the guys. He doesn't get to do that often! He is sooooo good to the girls in this house that he deserves some fun. I hope he isn't burnt to a crisp from golfing in the sun all day though....especially the top of his head (you didn't hear that from me though).

I like days where I feel like all is right in the world.

How are you enjoying your weekend?


Beth Terry Merchant said...

SEE...You are such a VERY strong person! I'm very proud of you for sticking the race out. I would have I never would have signed up! I spent my day sweating it out painting in the garage for JAM camp with my little helper (who did really help!). I ordered 395 picture from our Disney trip!!!! And scheduled Sarah's bday party for Oct. 23 at 2pm so you all can come!!! Mark your calendar now!!! It's at Build-a-Bear. I'll be sweating it out in the garage again tomorrow FINISHING this backdrop! MISS YOU!