Sunday, July 25, 2010

Malibu Barbie a.k.a. Lindsay Gaga

My brother, Michael, is getting married in a few weeks. Last night we had the Bachelorette party for Kayleigh, his soon-to-be bride. When I got the invitation in the mail from the Matron of Honor, it said: Kayleigh is Tying the Knot and We are Wiggin' Out! Everyone at the Bachelorette Party was required to wear a wig. Of course, in my true fashion, I waited until the last minute (night before) to find a wig and ended up in a store that I have NEVER set foot in and may NEVER set foot in again. Formerly called "Priscilla's", they apparently switched a few letters on the sign and changed the name to "Cirilla's." How's that for budget cuts?! I went straight to the counter and asked for a wig, with my husband in tow, which honestly made the whole experience even more embarassing. Out of all the wigs, I knew that I just had to have the long platinum mermaid-like wig. I got a great deal on the wig, which was an unexpected bonus! I'm not gonna lie....I LOVE THIS WIG. It was the long, luscious blonde hair that I have never had! At the party, I found myself just playing with my hair and wishing that it were real. Hahaha! Everyone at the party felt that this color really suited me. Hmmmm....could there be platinum in my future?
Amber, my other future sis-in-law, had the cutest Mardi Gras color inspired wig. She looked exactly like a super hero or anime character!

Another friend named Amber that I grew up with crashed the party. She is the sis-in-law to my future sis-in-law's matron of honor......does that make sense? Amber and I loved the fact that over half the music we heard last night was popular when WE were in high school, which meant that the other girls with us were.......maybe ten years old! Sooooooo funny! The Amber that originally wore this wig (see above) let the other Amber borrow her wig later. I guess it was the "Amber" wig.
The lovely matron of honor, Ally, is pregnant! She looked adorable in her hot pink wig. She was a trooper last night.....swollen feet and all! Ally is married to Amber #2's brother, who is best friends with my brother. And, yes......that is the bride, herself, in electric blue!

Kayleigh should wear blue more often. She thought maybe she should wear it at work. Did I mention she is a nurse at I.U. Hospital? I'm not sure if nurse's are encouraged to show quite this much self expression on the job!

We started out our night having a great dinner at Buca de Beppo in the Pope room. You better believe we had A LOT of laughs about being in the Pope room and being dressed so.....colorfully. And YES we got a lot of inappropriate pictures with the Pope statue, which I will NOT be posting on Facebook or this here blog! After dinner, we went to Cadillac Ranch, which is a large bar/club. We were V.I.P, which meant we had our own roped off area with our own couches to sit on. On our way to Cadillac Ranch, I got a random text from someone who has photographed my family before. She asked me if I was downtown wearing a wig!!! She totally spotted me while sitting in a restaurant. How on Earth did she recognize me in my Malibu Barbie disguise??? That was pretty funny. Not as funny as the homeless man with no teeth that gave me a compliment though. I'll take what I can get! The night was all in all pretty uneventful, or as uneventful as it could be while wearing crazy wigs. Our group of ladies are all pretty low key in real life, so it was a low key "wiggin" out party. I LOVED being Malibu Barbie though! I also loved dancing with my two future sis-in-law's. At one point, Kayleigh said she couldn't stop staring at me because she is so used to me wearing sweats with no makeup and a ponytail. She loved my glamourous look. This morning I am back to my normal self. No makeup, sweats, glasses........and wiggin' out as always. Moms of little girls don't need to wear a wig to feel like they are wiggin' out!