Monday, September 6, 2010


I have been friends with the same group of people since I was fifteen years old. It is an amazing thing to watch friends like that grow in their lives. We are there to witness each other's lives. We have all suffered great losses and failures, but we have also all had great successes and joys. Last night we all got together for a Labor Day party. The hostess got out boxes and boxes of pictures of all of us from high school, college, and post-college times. It was so funny to see our group hanging out when we were fifteen and sixteen years old in these pictures. I found myself wanting to step inside some of the pictures to relive those moments as a teenager. So many changes have happened in all of our lives, but we have all remained friends. Most of us all have children now and we all look out for each other's children. Those of us who do not yet have children also look out for the children in the group. There are also new people in this group that are amazing and so much fun as well. Like a real family, of course, certain people in this group of friends hold special places in my heart for different reasons.

I bet some of you readers are tired of my rambling posts that are reflections of deep thoughts. Truly these posts just skim the surface.....can you imagine what is really going on in my head?! I know most people like my funny stories on this blog the best, but I can't be funny all the time, right? I think I need to start a journal, so I don't have to just "skim the surface" and I can write everything that swims around inside my head without having to edit it for this public forum! I barely have time to write on this blog, so a journal probably won't ever happen.

I hope every one of you had a great Labor Day weekend and that you, too, have a great group of lifetime friends.


Leslie Boruff said...

I have a group of friends from my childhood in Broad Ripple. We have all known each other since elementary school. We still see each other several times a year. In July I hosted a pool party at my parents apartments and they all came with their kids. We have decided to make in an annual event. We all swam in that pool every summer while growing up. It was awesome to swim there together again, especially with our kids. People who don't have these kinds of friendships really miss out on a wonderful part of life. Friends are the family that we choose.

Rachel said...

Being one of the newcomers...I just have to say how awesome all you have been. In high school I was kind of a loner. The idea of having a huge group of friends, friends who are there through the good and the bad, is very new to me. I had such a blast last night and am soooooo happy that I know you. Muah!