Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mind Mud

Have you ever been plagued by nagging thoughts that won't go away? Don't you hate that feeling? I am talking about the kind of thoughts that take up way too much of your brain, even when you try to push them back into a tiny corner and forget about them. When you try to push thoughts into tiny corners and ignore them, they tend to grow even bigger! It is so hard to control one's mind, and my mind is very muddy sometimes. Always the same topic or topics too! Nagging thoughts are like little black clouds that won't go away.

Enough of those deep thoughts and on to the good news of the week:

  • I have made a home cooked meal every night this week, and my family has eaten it at the dinner table each night. Yes, it is only Wednesday, but this feels like an accomplishment.
  • I am so enjoying my time at school. I have no idea what was wrong with me two years ago when I decided to quit, but whatever it was is definitely gone. I enjoy my class so much each day. I am thanking my lucky stars that I got my position back.
  • I am pretty much caught up on grading. There is no better feeling.
  • I am reading an amazing book called, "The Help." I host my book club in October, so it is my book pick, and I am glad that it is turning out to be really good.
  • People keep asking if I got my hair colored and complimenting me on it, which is ironic because my roots are about two inches long. Love the compliments though!
  • My mom did something nice for usual. My mom loves surprising people, and her surprises are the best.
  • It is officially absolute favorite season. I had some apple cider in honor of the change of seasons this week. Now if this 90 degree weather would go away, we can actually enjoy Fall!

Well, it is now one hour away from Thursday! Two more days until my road trip with Amber and Kayleigh. Of course I will blog about our adventure! I am sure you would rather hear about our crazy road trip, then my neverending "mind mud." '

Goodnight, friends!


Elizabeth said...

Okay, so I am jealous! Although I did manage to cook dinner each night this week so far, I am definitely not caught up with grading, and I wish I was going somewhere this weekend! Love the blog!