Friday, October 22, 2010

Shoe Fetish a.k.a. Free Shoe Friday

Did I get your attention? Well, I do not have a shoe fetish, but I did get three pairs of new shoes today!! My hubby let me sneak out today while he stayed home with the sick girlies. I made a Starbucks stop, then headed to DSW. My mom sent me her reward certificates....all $110 worth of them!!! My mother may be the only person on Earth to have accumulated that many reward certificates at DSW. The clerk at DSW said that she has never seen reward certificates in such high increments in all her years working for DSW. Ha! I told her that the amount of shoes that my mother owns is unnatural and obscene.

Here is the first lovely pair! I have always wanted leopard print flats, and now I have them! Yippeeee! These will look great with black, brown, khaki, red, etc. They show off the tattoo quite nicely too!
Pair #2 are these sassy little numbers. I will wear them with dress pants to work or under jeans on the weekends. I like the distressed leather look. Don't let the looks of this pair deceive you...they are very comfortable!

Pair #3 are purely casual. My husband thinks they look like Eskimo shoes, which is EXACTLY the look I was hoping for. I mean, who doesn't want to look like an eskimo? These shoes will accompany me on many winter errands.

I really hope that the title of this post does not attract any true freaks who are googling shoe fetishes. There is a famous true story in our family about a guy in my grandparent's hometown. He ALWAYS made sure to go to my grandma's yard sales so he could buy all the ladies shoes. He was a total creeper who lived by himself and had a shoe fetish! Sick!!!
I love that my mom gave me her reward certificates! She is the best!!! Shoe shopping and Starbucks can help any girl bust out of a funk.


Beth Terry Merchant said...

I'll take all 3 in size 8 1/2 for Christmas! Especially LOVE the middle pair!!!!!

Mom said...

I love it when I make the blog. I feel a little famous. I cant help it I love shoes and my children. Both are expensive but harmless. :)