Friday, November 5, 2010

They Eloped!

This is a picture of my mom and Bruce that I took last February. It is important to note that in real life he is much taller than her, but in this particular picture, she is standing on a rock! Today, my mom and Bruce eloped! I have known for about a week that this was coming, and it was killing me not to blab it all over Facebook. My mom isn't the hugest fan of Facebook and she wanted to share her special news herself to people...not online! So I was a good daughter and did not blab. I have been given the green light to blog away now that the ceremony is over though!

Their story is so sweet and romantic. They have known for a long time that they wanted to get married, but all of their kids are busy getting married (except me!). First my brother, Michael got married in August. This coming June, Bruce's daughter (my new stepsister!) is getting married, then the week after that my other brother, Daniel, is getting married. Mom and Bruce did not want to interfere with all their kids' festivities, so they planned to get married this weekend in San Francisco, where my mom is already on a business trip.

They literally arrived at their hotel this week and asked the concierge for a white stretch limo, a minister, a place to get married, and a bouquet. The concierge found them everything in no time! This morning, they got up, made their usual Starbucks run, and got ready! My mom walked to the flower place from the hotel and picked up her bouquet and the boutinere. She wore a simple ivory sheath dress with pearls on the neckline (very Jackie O.). The limo picked them up. Here is my favorite part.....they needed two witnesses for their wedding. They randomly had the limo driver stop in front of a major museum in San Francisco where about 50 or so people were waiting outside the gates for the museum to open. My mom literally jumped out of the limo with her bouquet and asked the crowd if anyone was willing to be a witness at their wedding. Well, of course, people were super excited! A mother and daughter were jumping up and down, begging to do it. So my mom and Bruce found their bridal party! The four of them traveled to the location, which was outside, overlooking the San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. The two witnesses cried the entire time!!! The ceremony was wonderful and the minister was perfect.

When my mom called me at work to tell me all about it, I teared up! I was so touched to hear the excitement and joy in her voice. I really love Bruce, and I am thrilled that they have found each other. They balance each other out so well. He is laid back and funny and she is, well, kind of a spaz. I knew the first time I met him, that Bruce would be "the one" for my mom. Now they can grow old together!!!

It took my mom almost 52 years to marry her soulmate, but I believe she now has found her missing half. She was more than content to never marry again and live alone for the rest of her life, and I (being the very wise daughter that I am) said, "When it is YOUR choice to be with someone, it will be different." She knew exactly what I meant and what that had to do with her background and life. Well, Bruce is her choice!

As much as I would have loved being there, I truly think their wedding today was very romantic and adventurous. My grandparents loved it too because they also eloped....and they have been married a long, long time! It really already kind of felt like my mom and Bruce were married, so it doesn't feel any different. They have lived together for quite awhile. They really take care of each other.

Congratulations to my mom and my new stepfather, Bruce!


Beth Terry Merchant said...

Congrats Starla & Bruce!

Mom said...

I cant tell you how many times I have read this!!!! It always makes me happy. Cant wait to see everyone. Your mama adores you!

Jennifer H. said...

Wonderful! I love that they picked people at the museum, and the fact that those two people bawled the entire time. I bet the witnesses felt like they won a contest! Best wishes to your mom and Bruce. Thanks for sharing this with us. :)