Saturday, January 15, 2011

He Gets Me

Earlier today I posted about the horrific day I had with my daughter. Luckily, my head did not explode and she did not lose any toenails, and all is well in our household right now. All is well because of my husband. Being a tax accountant, my husband had to work today, since working on Saturday is pretty much standard during tax season. After a very long day at work, my husband came home to find me sitting on the recliner, rocking our youngest daughter who was fast asleep and wrapped in a blanket on my lap. My oldest daughter was hanging upside down on her kid-sized armchair listening to her iPod. As soon as my husband met eyes with me, he instantly knew what kind of day we were having. He gets me. Plain and simple. He said that it looked like his girls needed a change of scenery, so he whisked us away to Bravo, which is a rare treat for us. As we were sitting in Bravo, all four of us laughing, I felt okay again. My husband is the secret ingredient to happiness in our house. He evens out all the female hormones. My brave little girls tried calamari and loved it, even after we told them what it was. As Avery munched on her calamari, all my feelings of love flooded back for her. She is a fiesty little thing and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We stopped for some coffee on our way home. Then my dear husband told me that I could do whatever I wanted while he helped the girls paint in the kitchen (which is usually a somewhat stressful activity). So here I sit, wrapped in a blanket, wearing my pjs, sipping on oatmeal cookie capuccino, and catching up with my favorite blogs that I have missed out on for several months, while the three loves of my life paint masterpieces in the kitchen.

My husband is a smart and wonderful man.


Elizabeth said...

That is SO sweet, Lindsay. I am glad you got some much-needed "you" time!

Mom said...

We are ALL very lucky to have Matthew! He really gets ALL of us! I miss you!