Saturday, January 22, 2011

My New Love

So far in 2011 I have spent every single Saturday wearing my pajamas all day and not leaving the house because one of my children has a fever. Each weekend my children seem to be taking turns with having fevers. The good news is that I have had some down time to explore and play online, which means I have found some new and wonderfully fabulous things to share. I was catching up on Pioneer Woman's site and read a post in her Home and Garden section about a website called Polyvore. I checked out Polyvore and immediately asked myself where this site has been hiding all my life. This site is EVERYTHING I love. Creativity, self expression, fashion, decor, text, and so much more. It is like grown-up paper dolls. You basically click and paste on different items to create sets or collections. The incredible thing is that each item is something real that you can click on the link and buy online. You can arrange your items by price or color. I stayed up late last night figuring it all out. I could practically hear the beloved Tim Gunn whispering in my ear, "Make it work, people. Make it work." Here's the thing...I never really create anything like painting a painting or making a piece of clothing, but I feel I have a knack at putting things together. I admire people like Rachel Zoe who have built empires on just mixing and matching for people as stylists! So I am going to share my sets/collections with you here on my blog as I create them. Please humor me! I don't want to lose any readers because they get bored looking at my creations off Polyvore. One more thing I must tell you is that I have another weird love of creating captions. It is the creative writer in me. Polyvore allows me to create captions for all my sets and notes about my collections. This first set on this post is part of a collection that I called "The Jetsetter." The Jetsetter collection is inspired by different locales around the world and the lucky women who get to explore them. The caption under this set in Polyvore says:

She loves clambakes and caviar. She keeps a hectic social calendar, but she always seems to find time to sit and stare at the sea.

See how fun this is!!! If you don't, just pretend you think I am normal. I dare you to get on Polyvore and not get completely hooked. I double dog dare you.