Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Polyvore!

I promise I won't only post about Polyvore now. I just want to finish sharing my creations so far. I am just using a screen capture to show you my collections/sets on the blog. I don't know of another way.

My second collection is called "Women I Know" and it is inspired by real women that I know. Each set is uniquely crafted to fit my image of that individual woman. The captions are both fact and fiction. I will let you wonder what is fact and what is not about each woman! Most of it is actually factual though.

My first creation for this collection was "Amber Goes to Paris." This set is dedicated to my sister-in-law, Amber, who loves everything Paris. I can just imagine her actually walking around in Paris in the outfit I chose for her. The caption reads: "We knew she loved Paris. When she finally took the trip, we feared that she would never return. Her name was Amber."

The other set for my "Women I Know" Collection is called "The Artful Life" and it is dedicated to my sister-in-law, Beth, who is an art teacher that loves Georgia O'Keefe, roses, family heirlooms, and hanging pictures. Now you can see why I chose each item! Beth, herself, actually chose the dress, shoes, and sweater on her own Polyvore, but asked me to edit it for her. I went a little beyond normal editing because now I have learned how to layer and add backgrounds. This set's caption is "New and old. She embraced the past with all her heart, but she yearned for something new. Her name was Beth." Doesn't that sound mysterious? Well, you should know by now that all women have some mystery to them.

If you are a woman that I know, please be warned that you are fair game for my new pretend collection!!! Mom and Kayleigh are next on my list!

I accidentally discovered a blog called Polyvorina. The girl who writes the blog bases her entire blog on her sets from Polyvore!!! She is very, very talented at making sets and definitely makes me look like a total amateur! Check out her blog for more information. Here is the link.


Thomas & Niki Kline said...

This is so fun! How do I find you on Polyvore so I can add you as a contact?

Polyvorina said...

Thank you for the compliment! I don't think there's such a thing as amateur sets on Polyvore - it's what inspires you and what you create that makes each and every set beautiful. Yours are great! I especially love the Paris one. So personal and artsy! I love that you made them for people you know. Can't wait to see more sets from you!