Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sisterhood of the Traveling Lashes

When I first learned that my aunt would be joining me for a super secret trip to Vegas to surprise my mom for her birthday, I immediately started texting my aunt to see what I should pack. I usually ask my mom these questions, but I could not communicate with her at all about this trip, so not to spoil the surprise! My aunt and I decided early on that we must wear false lashes to the Cher concert that we knew we were going to. My aunt bought some "practice" lashes to test them out, and ended up becoming completely addicted to wearing them to work and just day to day. She is now a certified lash pro. I had only worn false lashes once, but I was more than ready to give it a whirl again.

As soon as we got to Vegas and surprised the heck out of my mom, we told her about our lashes. She was sad that she didn't have any, so we vowed to find the closest Sephora and buy some for her. We found lashes on our first day at the Sephora at the Venetian. My mom (being my mom) insisted that my aunt help her put them on because she was "afraid" that she didn't know how. So Saturday morning, my aunt and I went to my mom's hotel room to have a lash session before breakfast. I wish I had a picture of my aunt's original lashes that day because they were absolutely ridiculous. We totally egged her on to wear them all day and she rocked them. They looked like Twiggy lashes from the sixties, two giant black shades over her eyes! We learned that you have to trim the end off the lashes to make them fit the length of your own lid.

I took the trimmed pieces and glued them under my nose, like a Hitler-esque moustache. This should be no surprise, since I was raised with boys and have never had a sister. While the sisters were doing their "sisterly" things in the bathroom getting ready, I was prancing around entertaining my new-ish stepfather with my Hitler moustache. I am immature (and awesome) like that.

Don't even get me started on the shakiness of my mother's eyeballs. If you try to approach her eye, it starts twitching an eyelid seizure. After our lashes were in place, we went out for breakfast and out shopping again. At first I felt like I looked like I had OD'd on Latisse but then I started loving my new lashes.

Walking through Vegas, I loved watching my mom and her sister together. They walked arm in arm through the mall and laughed their heads off all day. They dance in a perfect balance between picking on each other and admiring each other....much like my own two little girls at home. The sister relationship is fascinating to me.

When I watch my little girls and my mom and my aunt, sometimes I am a little bit wistful about not having a sister of my own to fight with, laugh with, share a history with, wear false lashes with. But then I realize, with a fabulous mom and aunt like I have, who needs a sister? I am surrounded by amazing women and I can only hope that some of their fabulosity is rubbing off on me!