Thursday, April 28, 2011

Days 2-10 of Wooing

Hehehehe....I really left a lot of people hanging on my last post! I should have known better than thinking I could actually post every day for ten days. Today is already Day 10!! I can't wait to share what my very creative hubby did for me in the last ten days. I need to take some pictures of the gifts he got me, so I can post them. He looked up the traditional anniversary gift list....the one that most people really don't follow. Year 1- paper, Year 2- Cotton, Year 3- Leather, etc. Each day of our "Ten Days of Wooing" represented one year with the anniversary gifts. I hope that makes sense! On Day 1, he got me a lovely sheet of PAPER with a nice note on it. On Day 2, he got me a scarf made from cotton....and so on. This weekend I am going to work on photographing each of the ten days of gifts because they were so sweet and I want to share them with you. Hopefully, one of you will try to do this for your spouse because it really made me feel special! It is amazing what 10 days of feeling special can do for a girl!

Today is the REAL anniversary. We got married on April 28, 2001. A whole decade ago! I got married when I was barely 22, but I have never, ever regretted being that young. I knew then what I know now....that my husband and I are really meant for each other. I will write more this weekend to share how we are celebrating. We are staying local to celebrate this weekend, but we have fun things in store!

Sorry friends for keeping you hanging! My grandma even asked me why on Earth I hadn't followed up with my posts on the ten days of wooing! Many people have been asking, but my excuse is all the same. Being a full time mom, wife, elementary teacher, and Realtor is VERY time consuming! One thing is for sure...I could never do any of it, if it weren't for my husband!!!